Update failed librewolf-bin-123.0.1-1

Ran upd librewolf failed to update

==> ERROR: Cannot find the debugedit binary required for including source files in debug packages.
error: failed to build 'librewolf-bin-123.0.1-1': 
error: packages failed to build: librewolf-bin-123.0.1-1


sudo pacman -Syu base-devel

Paru alternative for ‘core’ option 1

paru base-devel 

Issue solved by installing base-devel. Not sure if this was just my system because of recent update issues

As a side-note there is librewolf in the repo, so this package shouldn’t be required.

base-devel is base (duh!) requirement when building AUR packages afaik :smile:

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Thanks I have a feeling I messed it up somehow. Since I was here figure would spend a minute sharing incase someone else messes it up like I did.

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This is caused by an upstream change which has enabled debugging in /etc/makepkg.conf by default. You can resolve this issue by disabling debugging again, see here:


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