Unknown filesystem in grub rescue

Random lockups without kernel panic or dumping core after Garuda update. Symptoms: keyboard becomes completely unresponsive, waybar stats show screen not being updated and mouse light goes out. NumLock and capslock on keyboard fails to toggle light on keyboard .

So I busted a sysrrq s u b, which rebooted machine. Only trouble is now grub rescue and unknown filesystem.

ls shows (hd0) (hd1) (hd1,gpt4) (hd1,gpt3) (hd1,gpt2) (hd1,gpt1). Ls on all BUT THE PARTITION THAT WAS NOT MOUNTED give unknown filesystem. Ls on (hd1,gpt2) recognized correctly as a btrfs filesystem and I can see the partitions contents by appending a '/' to the ls.

set gives clues as to the other partitions use in the form of environment variables. I tried to insmod every appropriate module that might help (vfat,fat32,msdos,efi,uefi,bios,got,gpart,guid,mbr,etc) to no avail. Limited commands in the rescue: no cat, etc, as these obviously reside along either cmdpath or prefix env vars.

I surmise after reading related issues on the forum that you guys remain completely unaware of the situation and have no practical means of remedying this issue, as other posts were closed without any resolution whatsoever. I assert that there exists a major bug, likely in the Kernel's btrfs code, causing corruption, evidenced by the unmounted btrfs partition being recognized.

The corruption of the filesystems could indeed account for the hard lockup.

In any event, I have potentially lost all of the music production of myself and my partnership with the son of the famous R&B singer/songwriter Freddy Scott. I must migrate to another, more dependable distro now, and regret that I did not sooner trust my initial assessment of your distro as unfit for production and critical work. Good for gaming, I am sure it might well be, to your credit.

If a genie appeared to grant me but even one wish I would squander the opportunity in asking for a BSD operating system with better and more current support for more diverse hardware than linux or Windows and that had more active development of third party apps like DAWs for music production than even Windows and boasted a novel sound architecture better than pipewire and coreaudio and which avoided the assanine, caveman stupidity of shared library insanity by compiling into each and every app all includes and shared libraries,. Static builds RULE and F*CK external linking!!! IS BSD SO DEAD AS YET...? :frowning:

If I were given a second wish it would be for making my first wish a Just enough (jeos) operating system defined at installation that used a true exokernel architecture so as to eliminate instabilities of kernel code. MY MUSIC PRODUCTION BOX SHOULD ONLY BE ABLE TO MAKE MUSIC. no compiler, no apps to download or install at all, no internet bullshit, no word processing. Just one lean and mean music maki g machine!!!



Sorry about the crash. No snapshot restore possible or chroot and copy your files???
Maybe testdisk can help.

No system, no hardware is completely error free, therefore, backup, backup, backup ...


If you are asking for assistance, you have not done so very well. There is no diagnostic information of any kind in the thread. You mentioned you read a couple other topics that sounded like your issue, but you did not link to them. Your description of the issue is somewhat meandering and hard to follow.

Honestly it sounds more like a whinge than a request for assistance. If it is a whinge: okay, fine, but it shouldn't be in the Issues & Assistance category then. It should be in...I don't know, Feedback I guess.

If you do want to get your system back up and running, you will have to get a USB stick, boot to the live environment, and start putting together some information for the thread. See how far along you can get with this process, for example, and paste some actual information into the thread as you go: How to chroot Garuda Linux

The fact that the Btrfs filesystem is recognized would suggest it is not corrupted. Perhaps, instead, it is your EFI partition which has failed. Or maybe the filesystem is fine but the Grub configuration files have been accidentally removed--this can cause the system to boot to Grub rescue.

You weren't running an update by chance? What you are describing sounds a lot like a system which has been rebooted before an update has completed. Even BSD will break if you reboot during an update.

This seems unlikely. Even if you were not able to repair your system from the live environment, if you can at least mount the disk you can easily transfer your files to another system.


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