Unity Menu becomes inactive at random times

Hello, I'm on Garuda Dragonized Gaming Edition and I work as a game developer. I need to use Unity for a project and I am having some serious issues with the Window AppMenu in Latte. For some reason all the options of the menu become grayed out and unclickable at random times and after they have become grayed out they stay that way until I reboot (meaning they don't become clickable again even if I relaunch the project). Is there any way to fix this?

I should note that I have tried both X11 and Wayland, same issue in both. I was thinking of downloading the Gnome version of Garuda but I am thinking of waiting for the new release. Is anything extraordinary gonna change in the new Gnome ISO or can I safely go ahead and install the January version now? Thanks in advance for any replies.

Post inxi like in "Reporting bugs", please.


I installed Gnome after all so I can't post inxi sorry. I will test if this is a Unity thing and post here with the results.

Inxi is preinstalled in every edition to prevent such excuses :laughing:


So you had a problem in kde and you installed gnome does the problem still happen.
Also I thought of unity DE menu

No it seems to work fine on Gnome. I opened Unity multiple times just to test it. In KDE the menu just got grayed out after a few minutes I don't know why and I couldn't select anything, Sometimes the top menu of Unity wouldn't appear at all. So something weird was happening there for sure.

I meant I am not on Dragonized Edition anymore that's why I can't post inxi. XD