Latte Dock app menu greyed out when using Unity3D

Hello, I'm having an issue when the app menu in Latte Dock is (almost) fully greyed out and not clickable. This only happens with Unity. I found this post, but it didn't seem to go anywhere.

inxi output

ISO name: garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-210406.iso

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One of the problems with this sort of issue is there's no easy way of knowing whether it's a fault of the app menu or the software...


True :confused:

There should be an easy-ish workaround, like in Firefox pressing Alt shows the same menus inside the window, but i'm just too new to KDE to figure it out on my own :confused:

Btw, try ctrl+n and ctrl +o and some other shortcuts.
If they are working fine, then the fault is of app menu.
Otherwise, it is unity's fault.

This will help to point out where actually is the issue.


The keyboard shortcuts are working fine. I also found how to open kind of a drop-down menu with a KDE Window Decorations button, but that has the same issue

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That is strange :thinking:

I must call @psifidotos to help you.


You can replicate this with Plasma GlobalMenu. the enablement of appmenu actions is not updated. Probably during startup they are disabled and they are enabled afterwards. This is Plasma service responsibility to fix.

I think there is a bug report for this.


Went to dig a little, turns out Unity doesn't officially support KDE, which is unfortunate. Thank you!


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