Unable to update libretro

Hello, I did a fresh install and I used a lot of other linux distros in the past, but I'm new to Arch Linux.

I'm having an issue with libretro. I click on Garuda Gamer, go to the tab Emulators and then select Retro arch with all cores, then hit the apply button. Then, I enter my password and it starts to sync libraries, however it comes to a point in which it just states that it has failed to prepare the transaction and that the target libretro was not found.

I updated Garuda following every step it threw at me, but even so it fails. Someone else has this issue? What can be done? Thanks in advance and best regards, Tiago Melo

Hey there,
Just checked if something is missing in repo but its not :thinking:
Try using pacman directly instead of pamac-installer:

sudo pacman -Syu libretro
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Your response was pretty quick, thank you so much. The error remains on trying to enable via Garuda Gamer, however RetroArch is now intalled and all the cores are there. I'll test later with some rom file that I have here in an USB drive

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Pamac seems to have issues lately, its very good as a tool to find out package names and uninstall them, installing and upgrading however is better to be done by pacman itself.
Just sad to see it failing in this particular case :anguished: Im glad we got this worked out though, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


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