Unable to set window border color using Sweet Dragonized theme

Thank you all for maintaining such a great OS! I think Garuda is going to be my long term weapon of choice. I could use a little help, though.

I'm trying to set my window border colors to highlight the active window. The Dragonized theme that comes with Garuda KDE is pretty much perfect for me, other than the always-black window border. Even if I change the window decoration to Breeze and customize the window border color, it always stays black.

Here is an old thread describing the same problem. That thread was derailed into talking about the tiling script the OP was trying to use, but the actual problem the OP was trying to describe was that the window border colors were not working as expected.

Window border colors do work correctly if I change the global theme, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with KDE. Just to be clear, I'm asking how to keep the Dragonized theme, but alter the theme so that border colors DO change on focus. Unlike the thread that I linked to, please don't simply tell me to use another theme. I really want to get this working the way it's supposed to.

This is a graphical thing that I'm doing entirely from the GUI, so there isn't anything from the terminal to paste here, so I'm ignoring the advice from the new-topic template.

Please let me know if there are any troubleshooting steps you'd like me to take. Thanks!


This probably won't help at all, but in vanilla KDE Plasma today I noticed that the Breeze theme, for example, can have no, small, medium, etc. window border options. Have you explored those options, and do they survive a reboot?

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Which one?

I'm not the specialist, but I think the settings are made somewhere there.

Possibly it works only with the window decoration "Plastik".

Thanks for the welcome!

I've already tried that. None of the settings seem to do the trick. If I wanted to edit the actual window decoration style/code, how would I do that? I have a feeling that this needs a solution at a lower level.

Perhaps there's a better way to accomplish what I'm going for? I basically want a "full" desktop environment, but with dynamic tiling window management features. I'm not necessarily tied to KDE, but I would like to stick to a full DE, rather than a barebones window manager.


Do you log out/in, restart?

I for myself changed the pink to blue for background activ menu part.

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Yes. All other color settings seem to work, but nothing will affect the border color at all, not even getting into what I really want, which is a bright border for the active/focused window.

Krohnkite is what I'd like to try, but without focused-borders, it's a non-starter for me. My eyes can't really tell where my focus is and I may have to switch to a different environment if I can't figure this out.