Ultimate Guide to install Anbox in any Arch-based distro(especially Garuda)

Sounds like you could use a smoke right about now. How's the smoking cessation battle going?

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Day 8, and very well. No real urges and very few cravings, and those are all very transitory. Poof! They're gone. I never dreamed it would be this easy. I smoked for 55 years.

Daylight Savings time change is pretty effing bad, though. One of the cats got me up at 1:30 AM this morning., so here I am.

And if I can figure out what an fstab and a text file are and what to do with them, anyone can.

Just like me ceasing tobacco smoking. I had to read up on it, prepare, then do. Of course, first came the decision. If there is no decision, nothing else follows.

You gonna try and tell me the world's flat, next?


done everything, still while try to open magisk it tells me to connect to the internet, and if i try to open play store it crashes.
cpu r3 3100
gpu rx570 8gb
ram 16 gb
on ssd 256gb

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How do I rebuild? I am having the same issue

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I just did, sudo pacman -Syu anbox-git :slight_smile:


ashmen module is not inbuilt now in linux-zen or linux-xanmod-anbox

Please edit the thread to use anbox-modules-dkms (available on chaotic-aur) instead , which will add support for binderfs and ashmen in any kernel


Is there a way for someone else to do the required edits in the guide?
Currently, I am not using Waydroid, nor am I on any arch-based distro.
So it would be better if someone else did it.
And the edit option has disappeared for me now.

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Try again, please, I change it to a wiki post.

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Ya, I am able to edit it now.
I suppose anyone can now contribute to this wiki, right?

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What if someone tries to alter the post badly? I mean, destroy the post?

If you are no longer interested in monitoring this, we can only close the post to prevent this.

Are you sure @cleanerspam, if so, I could replace this section :point_down::


Install anbox-modules-dkms

sudo pacman -S anbox-modules-dkms

I suppose simply installing anbox-modules-dkms along with any kernel and following the rest of the guide should do the trick? no other tweaking, right?

Is there an option that only I or any of the garuda team members can edit this post?

This way, if any changes are requested, we could review the requested changes and edit the post.

Thanks, @SGS

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Incorrect changes can easily be undone here, just as with gitlab or github.
It just needs to be monitored by someone who knows the subject matter.
Unfortunately, that's not me.
Just let me know if it's no longer possible for you. Until then, I'll leave this open as a wiki.
OK? :slight_smile:


Then that would be perfectly fine,
I will be keeping an eye on it every now and then. :+1:


Yes , I could and was running anbox with anbox-dkms on linux-lts

But removed anbox in favor of Waydroid (But waydroid does not works with weston or x11 and Nvidia and some apps misbehave with Wayland , so currently without any emulator for android )

Here is the sauce of ashmen removed from linux 5.18

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Post here. Looks like I've found my next git clone, suffer, dkms magic, and I'm also very IV in droid behaviour. (P6P w- Android 13 beta, Niagara launcher and still 500 firepower/r/earthporn sourced wallpaper since like Android 3)
Been doing DKMS builds with OpenZFS and Nvidia for clearlinux and debian on WSL2. Too many distractions, projects too little concentrated time.
Said the speadfreak to the mad hatter. I'm sure I'll be back with questions...

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Found this thread randomly just in time to install xanmod-anbox instead of xanmod-lts for hopefully my daily driver. : )

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but with the last kernel version of geruda it do not work