Trying to recompile my kernel

Hi everyone, I'm trying to recompile my kernel to add the i8k module (link to my last post for a bit of context) but I'm having some problems: i pull the linux-zen kernel GitHub and then use make menuconfig to select the i8k option with option n.
After that I compile and put it in the /boot/ directory but trying to boot this new kernel just don't work.

I suspect that in the menuconfig configuration I have to select every modules that is needed, and that they are not selected by default; is this the problem? Is there a "working list"? Or is it possible to copy/obtain what modules are running on my kernel at the moment?

Thanks in advance.

You should try AUR
Use pamac or yay to install linux-zen-git from AUR
modify its build file to add i8k option (if possible)


All the way at the end of this thread, someone put together a script that automates a bit of the build process for a custom kernel. That might make this task a little easier.


If you have changed the pkgbase name, according to the guide, you should also

sudo update-grub

All of these are way too complicated.

Get the package source, modify the config, and compile it.

yay -G linux-zen
cd linux-zen/trunk
sed -E -i 's/pkgrel=(.*)/pkgrel=\1.0/' PKGBUILD
echo "CONFIG_I8K=m" >> config
makepkg -sri

I don't know what I get wrong, it's the fourth time that I try (and yes, I've also followed your method, but I needed to pull it from github) but CONFIG_I8K is not enabled (in the config file IS enabled).
Also I must skip gpg signature check (even if I do updpkgsums before).

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