Kernel recompilation (i8k module)

Hi everyone,
I'll give a brief explanation for a bit of context:
I have a Dell laptop (Dell G15 Ryzen Edition 5515) and I'm trying to install and use i8k, the problem is that i8k require a specific kernel option (CONFIG_I8K) that was removed from mainline Linux at the start of 2022.

Is still available in the LTS version so I tried a bunch of those, but I had some issue every time that are just annoying (secondary monitor is only detected with "stock" linux-zen, in some LTS brightness key don't work...).

I figured out that the best solution is to recompile my kernel with the option enabled (also, if I switch to a LTS I'm just delaying the problem...) and I was wondering if there are some "Garuda" tweaks to the linux-zen kernel to apply or even better if there is a downloadable "Garuda" linux-zen kernel to recompile.

Sorry for the long and sorry if this is not the correct tag, in that case I will update it to the correct one.

Thanks in advance!

Check if this Arch thread helps.
I'm not so technically expert, but it looks like it includes good references to compile a kernel on your own and even a pre-comipled kernel by a respected Arch member, recent and for your issue.


I can't see any obvious reason why this configuration option was removed, and there's a bug report open:

Unless there's a reason for this we're not aware of, it should be fixed at some point (not long after the kernel maintainer is made aware of the bug report).


Found the reason:

So there is a reason for the removal and really it's the software that needs to be fixed rather than the change reverted.


Thank for the response, I looked at that threat yesterday but I didn't noticed the precompiled kernel.
At this point I ask for curiosity, I assume that Garuda haven't modified the linux-zen kernel right?

Noto ora che sei italiano, fa sempre piacere sapere che c'รจ un compaesano attivo in un progetto in cui credo molto :slight_smile:


We rely on official Arch repo kernels. And a few others are available in the Chaotic AUR.
E.g. open Garuda Settings Manager, Kernels, push Refresh and you'll see a list of installable kernels.


Unfortunatly the link to the precompiled kernel on that forum don't work anymore (the user had deleted the files).
I'm not gonna upload the build that I'm compiling right now but I'll leave this link to the Arch Wiki, basically a walktrought to Kernel compiling.

Hope this will be helpful to someone :smile:.

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