В последнее время вижу тут много русских

Я так понял, это благодаря вот этому видео от Черного треугольника. Или ещё по какой-то причине? Расскажите, если есть пять минут. Интересно, откуда столько соотечественников.

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I understand this is thanks to this video from the Black Triangle. Or for some other reason? Tell me if you have five minutes. I wonder where so many compatriots come from.

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Well, a more proper translation would be Title: "I see a lot of russians here lately" Description: 'As I recall, it's thanks to this video from "The Black Triangle" (small russian youtuber) or for another reason? Tell about it, if you have five minutes. Interesting, from where so many countrymen come from'.


@Naman had posted a world map before. The mass comes from the USA IIRC. Or whatever else the VPN has to offer :wink: .


Hi, this is thread you are looking for