International Makeup of Garuda Community

In the past month, I have gotten pretty heavily involved in this forum. In fact, I checked my recent statistics and it says I have a 13 hour read time over the past 28 days!

In my interactions on this forum, I have talked to people from all across the world. For example, I have talked to people from Greece, India, Germany, and Poland.

I was wondering if the Garuda team has any statistics on the international makeup of the Garuda community. There are few places where I think this data could be found. I would guess there is some country statistics for the iso downloads. There could also be statistics on web traffic to

This is just merely out of curiosity. It would be interesting to know the spread of users across the globe!

I think it is really cool that there is such a worldwide community associated with Garuda Linux. If you are from some far flung corner of the globe, feel free to shout out your country below! Are there any Garuda Linux users in Antarctica?!?


Some bird (slang for woman over here) called Tux, so it's said :wink:


This is one day visitors location map for website.

Exact figures.

I hope this is what you wanted.


Looks like most of the world is filled! There are visitors from all continents(except Antarctica)
I actually have a VPN that apparently has a fake location in "Antarctica," I wonder if it would even register as such.

I'm surprised there are so many visitors from America compared to everywhere else.
I was thinking I was in the minority here being from the U.S.A.

The skew could be due to timezones. Does that data look consistent over a longer period of time? (like a week or a month)

Nope, it is 24 hours. So no skews at all.

There is a special column for suspicious locations as "unknown location" (not visible above.)

Also, mostly, USA is at top in visitors, followed by Indians. Data varies, but doesn't vary a lot. You can assume it to be consistent.

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Didn't know if the data was for the time since 24:00 UTC or not. Since it's 24 hours of data it is pretty good data to go by.

I guess there are a lot of American users of Garuda Linux, but maybe not so many Americans who post on the forums. Maybe it's just a confirmation bias, but I feel like I've seen more people from other countries than Americans on the forum.

I calculated it, it is kind of close.
American numbers are 1232 and every other country is 908. I would think with data evened out over time this would be a sort of 50-50 split between Americans and non-Americans.

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For the size of U.K. (being a cramped place) it seems we're doing quite well, really.
Obviously we have taste! :wink: :rofl:

Good to see the penetration in graphic form - well done, all! Stirling job! (see what I did)

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The reason why so few Germans use Garuda Linux is that the operating system cannot be found in any reputable download magazine. I have already written to "Heise". I also drew attention to Garuda Linux in my "Zeitonline" account, which I used every day.
And I have to admit that I first came across Garuda on Brad's Twitter account.


I don't care who comes from where, what matters to me is that they are users who no longer want to be spied on by the "big" OS.
We are a community that loves FOSS and that is all that matters and we want to make Arch accessible to all.

Is a profit-oriented company that cooperates only such profit-oriented OS, but also with a well-known arch-based one.
Therefore, Garuda is of no interest to them.


Yes, of course you are right in your statement. That is also in my interest.

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I guess the open-source community is a little stuck in the past in Germany. I don't think there are many "download magazines" in the US.

Although, it could just be the phrase tripping me up.
In America, the term "magazine" is usually associated with printed out stuff you get in the mailbox.

There are English-speaking websites with a focus on linux(such as, which I guess are similar to what you are talking about.

I had to look it up, I don't have much context for Heise.
In my part of the United States, there is the world headquarters for Red Hat Linux. I've got no issues with them. Although they are for profit, they release the upstream "Fedora" for free. What they charge companies and people who buy their software for is support.
I don't know anything about Heise though, maybe they have some unsavory practices.

In the end, information on where users of Garuda Linux come from is not important. I am just seeking it out of interest



Who made this?
As an American, the red hat just immediately sets of a spark in my brain.

I won't get into it, but the joke is that a certain man decided to run for President because he needed to sell a surplus of red hats he had sitting in a warehouse

Also, why the minion?
Minions are kind of a running joke around here on account of them being "cringy"

Well spotted, the "inventor" is myself.
As a satire on the "best" POTUS there ever was.
Because I had already finished the mignon, he had to take the place of the Tux.


"Download-Magazine" I simply adopted this word from the German language. You are of course right to say that the word "magazine" in this case only refers to printed products. I apologize.

So let's forget about all the commercial internet sites and focus on "Foss" and equivalent sites.


Totally got it!
German has a lot of hyphenated words.
It's kind of interesting, English speakers reserve the hyphen for a only a few select circumstances.

If you mean me, I don't speak/write English.
It's all :smiley:

Wenn Sie mich meinen, ich spreche/schreibe kein englisch.
Es ist alles :smiley:


Absolutely correct what you write.

After the latest spelling reform, what nonsense, the hyphen is mandatory in "Garuda-Linux".

If you ever get bored, find out about gender in the German language and how German newspapers deal with it. I promise you will roll under the bed laughing!


That's actually pretty impressive! The translator was so good that I didn't even realize.

You also help quite a lot of people in English without knowing much English yourself.

In regards to my message before, I was talking about sunda's "Download-Magazine" statement.

@sunda I didn't know about that. I'll have to look into it. It seems like the German language is full of oddities. In the English language, I don't think there is anything too odd, but there are basically no consistent rules to anything.