Title bar has disappeared

Hi guys

I have changed the Dr460nised desktop to a more standard KDE plasma desktop for my partner but unfortunately the title bar disappears when you put the window into full screen. How do I get it back?

I can’t find the settings in the Latte settings, the desktop effects settings, the titlebar actions menu or the window rules settings. Please could somebody send me in the right direction.

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Configure Latte -> Layouts Editor -> Details -> untick "Hide Window borders for maximized windows.


Thank you Crispynut.

That worked well.

Do you know how I can remove the Latte layout? It says that I can’t remove it sue to it being active? I am not sure how to deactivate it.

Thanks again


You can't have zero layouts by the looks of it, to get rid of it completely, exit latte and/or uninstall/remove.
I'm new to it, so just tinkering in a VM.
FWIW, I'd recommend giving it a go. I've disliked having a top-panel previously (I'm a KDE 3.5 / Cinnamon kinda guy), however I've found myself quickly learning to like and adapt to this setup (though I have the docks on left and right now rather than bottom), partly because of the workspace increase of not have a titlebar and a panel. :woman_shrugging:

Our distro is optimized for performance on real hardware. Installing in virtual machines is not recommended as it might result in a bad experience! (eg. setup assistant not working)

Chill, SGS, chill. I'm sure Chrispynut is happy with tinkering for now, and will install on metal in due course. :wink:


It's a Garuda VM within a metal Garuda install.
I only installed it to try stuff out that might break my install to see if it breaks the install so I can implement more safely on actual install (or otherwise).


@anon26187667 I also enjoy having the titlebar and menu all in one but my partner isn’t so keen.

She has come from a windows PC and is very sceptical about Linux (I tinker a lot so we often have a non-working distro on our computer haha) so I am trying to keep it quite similar to windows for her.

I have disabled Latte on startup and she seems to like it so I will keep it as it is.

Thanks for the help.

Kind regards



There was a situation where I was experimenting with a lot of unstable packages in the past and suddenly had to use my device to watch a film with a friend. It didn't work right away which was expected by me and I knew how to fix it but he didn't understand why one would want to have such a "bad" experience. Not even as I was explaining my point of view to him. He was like "oh, that's Linux? Must suck being that unstable" :rofl:


Haha I’m sure we are not the only ones that have this problem.

My partner only uses the computer for web browsing, word processing and playing the sims so I’m sure everything will be fine from here on out.

Hopefully :joy::joy::joy:

@JoshTheTofu, I believe what is causing all your problems is directly related to your consumption of tofu. Your computer being an ex-Windows machine is likely infested by all manner of Microsoft Clippy Gremlins. These nasty M$ Gremlins are well known for consuming Tofu, which they bring back to wherever they are inhabiting ATM.

These nasty tofu eating Gremlins are known to be rather messy eaters. Therefore they often tend to clog up your CPU's heat sink, fans and ventilation ports with their cached tofu they've pilfered. Also, any moving parts such as optical dives or mechanical hard drives are particularly succeptible to having their spindles gummed up by this tofu exudate that the Gremlins manage to get into the tiniest of spaces.

So, your problems will all be solved if you'd quit bringing that nasty faux food that is fit for nothing but Gremlins into your home. Please for the love of God, have pity on your electronics and desist from tofo consumption immediately (if not sooner).

Glad I could be of assistance.



You missed the real problem for the faux problem though, tbg.
The Tofu gremlins are there to ensure we don't take our systems for granted and to move away from noisy moving parts.
The real problem is clear "people". In Josh's case, a partner, in Dragon's case, friends. When as at present, I have neither, problems are a way to learn with purpose... a hobby. When other people are present, resolving problems become a chore/work as I'm nagged and monitored and assessed.
The solution, be alone, be very alone. :+1:

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