Tips for those new to Linux

There was a thread earlier that the user was having difficulties accessing their drive. The chown and chmod commands were not working correctly to fix the permissions on the drive.

The user became quickly frustrated with not being able to access the drives correctly on Garuda. This was not the fault of Garuda or BTRFS, the issue that was creating a problem was the drives name itself. If you really want to make your life difficult in Linux use spaces in your drive names.

If your drive names contain spaces you must "escape" the drive name whitespace characters for any bash commands to work correctly on your drives.

This is complicated even further by potential issues mounting a drive with white spaces in its name via /etc/fstab:

This becomes a major annoyance and only complicates using chown or chmod (or other) commands on your drives. This also complicates writing any script that accesses the drive as well. The best practice is to simply avoid white spaces in drive names all together.

For simplicities sake never use spaces in your drive names (if your drives are likely to be used with Linux). Always use an underscore or dash when naming drives (rather than spaces).


Do not use names such as:

Data Drive

Movies & Music

Instead use alternatives such as:





Keep it simple, don't make your life difficult by using drive names containing white spaces (or special characters).

Any other tips to add, feel free.


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