Timeshift-autosnap not working , and pacman is not installing anything

Timeshift and pacman seem to be working just fine for me, but I went to open pamac (Add/Remove Software) for the first time in a while just now and it doesn't seem to be working for me.

Has anyone else found this lately, or is it just my system where pamac doesn't work? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


its not just you, pamac's yet to be fixed. For reference : Pacman 6 got released: Requires manual intervention

Pamac's a Manjaro project, will be updated in due time I guess.

Its gotta be paru for now, or pacman on the terminal :sweat_smile:

Or yay or Trizen or tkpacman and many more choices


freak i was going to download the newest and reformat at this point geesh upgrade issues.
can't we incorporate into updates that cause issues a flag that pacman /etc sees and auto skips?
we can use a hash to comment out i'm sure you programmers have other tools.

I can confirm this works after the doing this and then updating timeshift via
sudo SKIP_AUTOSNAP=1 pacman -S timeshift all is well and timeshift works.
at least opens and doesn't auto shut down.
I'll update further in a sec.
All works did pacman -Syu rand update and it took a snapshot nothing to see here now move along

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I don't think that's possible at all (I'm not a programmer though :blush:).
It's up to you to administer your system, he can't know what could or is going to break your specific system, you do, or at least can, e.g. following the forum :wink:.
Then you can skip the updates that you don't want.


Just do this:

sudo SKIP_AUTOSNAP=1 pacman -Syu

You won't have a snapshot for this update but everything will work and you won't have to remove or install anything.

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Thanks, we forgot to mark the solution in post #29

Autmatic snapshots can be turned offf through timeshift's configuration file.

I was joking about pamac, I don't use it for installs I use pacman. That comment was tongue in cheek.

Is there any fix in sight ? As i see this issue is caused by arch ? Can someone communicate this to arch for a hot fix ?
Until now also the patch does not work and i had to downgrade again.

How did you get this idea?
Your posted linked bug was closed as Not a bug :wink:


the problem with timeshift occurs after installing updates to the libinput and / or libnatilus-extension packages. (KDE)


This is gnome 40 then?

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Everything on Arch seems to be working fine. Now the secondary software ran into a few snags. That really doesn't have anything to do with Arch.


I put my toast in the toaster as usual this morning, and out of nowhere it just burnt my toast to a crisp. Should I file a bug report on the Arch bug tracker, cause I'm pretty sure it's Arch's fault?

Well I mean I'm almost positive, for sure if it wasn't Arch for sure it must have bee Garuda. :crazy_face:

Of course it could have been the nefarious Lizzard people up to their hijinx again. I mean they're always causing trouble, you know. So, there's always that, or sunspots maybe. :man_shrugging:


Who the hell, buys a toaster, without a bread-browning sensor? :smiley: :wink: :rofl:

If Linux is too strong for you, you are too weak.


I have no idea what comment you are talking about xD. I just went looking and found that to be the solution so posted it here.

Welcome to the Tosater Forum. First and foremost, if your toast is burnt to a crisp, It is not a Arch fault. It is either your fault for not knowing how to handle a toaster properly. But since u indicated that you do that everyday, So maybe it is your toaster's fault. Lets go through some possible problems and what you can do to fix it.

The bread you are using
Sometimes using a floppy bread might result in toast not coming up after the set time. Try using a different bread that is maybe thicker or less pliable.

Bread Orientation
If the bread is folding within the grabbers, the springs pushing the grabbers together could possibly be malfunctioning. This will require opening the toaster so it is best if you find some expert.

The time duration
The time is not marked on the knob markings, as one is expected to set the time based on the thickness of the bread being toasted.Experiment for a while. This takes a few tries to get the right 'done-ness' of the toast based on set time. If set too high, the toast will burn. Too low, and it doesn't look toasted enough.
The right way to get this approximation going is to set it at approximately 20% of the scale width, toast a slice, check the done-ness. If it is too little or too much, change the time to more or less correspondingly, till one gets the right color on the toast.
One has to keep in mind that the first time one switches on the toaster (cold toaster), the result is likely to be paler than the second time - when the toaster has warmed up sufficiently. Beyond that, the toaster is likely to give the same color.

Maybe your toaster is too old
Maybe it is time for you to get a new toaster with thermal sensor. This way you wont get your toast burnt that easily and you will get to enjoy your toast every morning.

Regards. If you have further queries or issues, you can always ask for assistance in the forum. But then again there is a limit on how much the mods will be able to help you. Happy toast!!


@Raju what an insightful an helpful post.

I hereby promote you to a full Garuda forum member in good standing for such brilliance.

Man, why didn't I think of that.:+1:


That happens when you make a different comparison than with cars. :smiley:

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