Theming problem Garuda dr460nized

I am using kronhite tiling script with plasma. I have applied breeze theme but borders doesn't seems to work whatsoever. I tried all the options but breeze theme borders are not working.

I don't think I understood what is meant by "borders", can you please share a screenshot of the issue?
Also, does this occur when using default theming too?

Edit: after playing around with Krohnkite a bit (never used it before) I found this configuration screen, you might want to try disabling "Fully maximize windows"?

This configuration window is not available by default and needs to be enabled doing this (as specified at Krohnkites GitHub)

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/kservices5/
ln -s ~/.local/share/kwin/scripts/krohnkite/metadata.desktop ~/.local/share/kservices5/krohnkite.desktop

sorry for the late reply. This is the screenshot.I wanted borders around each window. I have set borders in the breeze theme and followed all the instructions from krohnkite. but borders doesn't seem to work. I tried unselecting the option you mentioned but it is not working.

Then show us

grep -A20 "\[WM\]" ~/.config/kdeglobals

Also, have you done this:

Note: You might also need to set the border size larger than the theme's default: System Settings > Application Style > Window Decorations: Untick Use theme's default window border size and adjust the size (right from the checkbox).


Hello, i'm facing the same issue.
I think thre is some config files of the dragonized theme wich overwrite the config of the windows decorations.
When switching to an other kde global theme, i can successfully change the windows decoration, remove the borders or apply a border color.

Do you know wich file take the ownership for the global theme?

This issue involves a kWin script (kronhite). Do you use it?
If not, create a new topic, please.

AFAIK that's what the themes are supposed to do. Use the theme that serves your needs.

I don't understand what exactly you are asking for. There is no such thing in my Linux terminology.
Can you explain better?

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Dr460nized versions are not meant to be used with tiling. So its possible that the global theme is not compatible with Krohnkite by default.
If the default global theme works it might be best to just use that and do configs accordingly as there are other applications such as the window buttons plasmoid which also have an effect on window decorations.