The Ultimate guide to Linux

If anyone needs help with Linux related problems,

check this out:

Here is a list of solutions and other Linux related stuff, which one might find useful!

I would keep on adding new stuff to this.

I have created theses docs myself and everything is safe. And the link leads to my Google docs

You should not post links to unknown content, without clarifying this within your post.

Please, follow this rule, even if don't find it reasonable enough.


Sorry but there is no way many of us are going to click a random google drive link.


But this is my own work, and I have done it myself
You are safe, this leads to my Google docs.


Pretty nice humor, random web presence 456GTR8CcA2d.

What do you mean :thinking:

I just wanted to share my work with you people,
Whenever I faced any problem in Linux, I searched the internet(like everyone does) and noted down all the links to the best solutions I had in Google docs, so that I can refer to them in future.
I thought that these might help some people as these are well tested solutions.

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The fact that your link is to any Google service should make one nervous. Plenty of others out there that aren't Google.

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Isn't this an oxymoron? :exploding_head:

But seriously, some of us go to great lengths to de-google our lives. google drive probably isn't the best place to share information with the linux community.


I ain't scared of no link. You have done a good job of it, @Austin. Keep doing so, but make corrections as you proceed in learning. Half these guys wish they had done something like that to help themselves, but they probably weren't willing to put in the work that you did.The only legitimate gripe anyone here has, and they are correct, is the politically incorrect faux pas you made of inviting them to access your Google drive.

Forget about the naysayers. All they do is, like, say nay, man. (movie misquote)

But don't make that same mistake twice or we'll never let you hear the end of it. :tongue:

Consider yourself virtually spanked.

EDIT: Oh, and the title of this forum topic? Y-e-a-h, not so much. :wink:


Thank you so much @c00ter, now I understand what the problem is, Google!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Before I was thinking, after all these days, you people don't trust me :joy:.

Yeah, Google if you look at it from the inside, might be a little scary and almost everyone knows it, but the truth is nowadays you can't escape Google. All most every other website on the internet is somehow linked to Google (I might be wrong).
And one can't even deny the quality and the ease of use Google provides.

yeah, I will take care of that in the future.

Any suggestion for a nice title? :upside_down_face:


@Austin , You might reach more people if you upload the doc to or another cloud sharing service and then update your original post with the new link.Thanks for your work. I also have an ongoing list of fixes and useful commands in Google Keep LOLOLOL.


I haven't checked the contents, but if @Austin feels confident they are credible advice, you may post at #tutorials and maybe get feedback to improve them. :wink:


Never trust @Austin :wink:
:wink: :smiley:


How can post at #faq-and-tutorials, I thing it can be only done by admins

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Post somewhere, we move it.

I like to move it, move it ... I like to move it ...


I hope I had done what you had asked

No, Google Docs is fine for sharing a document.

There are other options available too, like Garuda's own Pad instance.


I think you were being encouraged to embed the information into a forum post, not re-post your link to google docs.


The problem is I keep on editing these docs very frequently and I have been for the past one year, so it would be easier for me. I accept that Cryptpad is a good alternative, and I will try to switch to it soon, and repost it in the forum.
Now don't say you don't you have completely degoogled you life and completely isolated yourself from the whole of social media, and you. It's not that the moment you click my link, google will hack your device and steal your data.
No offence.
Edit: And one more problem I find is creating new accounts for every new service, any advise for that?
Thank you

Omg google will :rofl: but nice job btw