The pin icon status is unrecognizable with Dragonized theme


I am with Dragonized theme, but it is the same on Sweet theme.
The icon in the picture should be the “pin” that tells to keep this window open or to close it on loosing focus.
With these two themes enabled and disabled (pinned, unpinned) status is displayed in the same way - just a circle. It is not visible whether this is pinned or not.

It is a bit better on my end but I admit I have some color tweaks.


This will change in Plasma 6 anyway, so in Feb once it releases, a new version of Dr460nized will also be released and it should be clearer. At the moment I have no plan on retrofitting to Plasma 5 as I put my efforts on making the theme look good under 6.

However you can change the colors yourself if you follow the Plasma Theme principles and edit SVGs too probably. I understand not everyone wants to go that way.


Sounds like a plan. You go get 'em. Can’t wait to February.
Case closed.


While we’re here, once that new theme will be testable (or if you wait until Plasma 6 release), when you install it, plz feel free to create a new post (or maybe respond to the release announcement that I believe we should have) and provide your feedbacks. It would be a lot easier and faster to tweak a little more at that time.

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The audio indicator on apps in the task manager on icons is invisible on my system. I know it’s there though because I can click on it to mute the app.

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@braykov is this clear enough to you? :smile:


This will land in a couple of days once Plasma 6 lands too.


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