Browser's volume overlay icon not displayed in Dock

Will the invisible playing indicator on browsers be fixed too? The one in the top right of the icon in the task manager.

Not aware of that one, can you send a screenshot?

I posted it here like a month ago or something but no one responded to the comment.
This happens with all browsers BTW, not just Librewolf.

Audio is playing in the browser (YT) but the audio indicator is invisible. I know it’s invisible because I can click on where it should be showing and it toggles audio (mute / unmute).

More info for context: the media player widget in the notification area of the system tray properly shows what is playing in all browsers (I assume through Plasma Integration) and the volume widget also shows what is playing properly. I think this is simply a theme issue (or an issue on my system specifically but IDK how to troubleshoot it).

Can you paste that link to your thread? I will respond on that one.

It wasn’t my thread. It was just a comment. I will have to find it.

Never mind. It’s in this thread, lol, about five comments up.

I created this own thread cuz it’s a different situation and other people may be looking for this as well.

This overlay icon is not a Theming issue directly. Maybe from the backend or Icons-Only Task Manager itself or some settings somewhere.

Using Dr460nized Theme under Plasma 5 I get this:


Under Plasma 6 I get this:


So it works with both 5 and 6.

Personally my own installation does NOT display that overlay icon, just like you and I don’t think it ever worked, I can’t recall it showing there.
I have no idea why, but it’s not theming related.

Maybe someone else has an idea.

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Have you checked this is checked on?

It still does not work on mine anyway, but maybe on yours it will.

Thank you for the response and suggestion.
I checked and it is enabled. I toggled it off and back on and it made no difference.

I am using Dr460nized Beautyline and I don’t get the icon, as stated.
Ah-ha! It’s the Dr460nized Beautyline theme. Maybe it’s missing the icon. (Just speculation.)
The regular Dr460nized plasma theme does not display this issue. I get the audio badge.

So I guess that means it is a theme issue after all, right?


Good point.
I am still running that theme on my machine which I started a very long time ago. It never got completed. That would explain why. In the end, there is no issue other than an incomplete theme. :smile:

That being said, incomplete Themes should not be pushed out like I did, except for testing. That was my mistake to keep it there.

That theme will not be available with Plasma 6, there is no need as all the systray icons will follow System Icons set.

Good catch, Russel.
I will close this.

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