THE Big thread about security

By requests from curious ones, here's a thread about privacy enhancements on Garuda. I already posted about the issues with Mozilla products, and look forward to hear anything interesting regarding privacy, security and anonymity.

Having absolute privacy/security in the internet is pretty much impossible imo. Only thing you can do is to limit data collection and try your best to stay private. And your privacy is worth it.

It is possible but, it depends what lengths you are willing to go to. It also costs, because to avoid being fingerprinted you need to swap hardware regularly, run from different live environments etc etc. Which unless you're "Mr. Robot" is just way too much trouble for Joe average.


best security for your pc is to cut your wlan cable :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:


which search engine everyone using to stay private and is best for privacy/security...?

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Well, with regular web it's probably searx.

I made this a while back:


This thread can be an addition+user feedback on that page :thinking:

Yep, thats a pretty nice idea. Additional stuff will be added to the wiki then :relaxed:
Using a VPN is on the list as well :thinking:


canvas blocker is only for firefox...?

Havent found it for Chromium yet :thinking:

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This one?

Adguard dns or Cloudflare dns or Nextdns or Isp default dns or any other...?

right now I would say adguard. But when I will dig deeper to it, maybe it will change.

well right now i'm using adguard....and also searching for better dns