Security/Privacy team players - check in!

Hey there! Me again!

Anyone into Cyber Security and Privacy and want to share about what apps you use etc? I would like this to be a thread that we can refer back to as changes happen and apps get deprecated and we replace with others.

What are some of the main apps you use for say email, web browsing, VPN, Music etc. Do you run a virtual machine for certain things? Do you load the tools you need on one machine for CTFs or use a persistent USB drive? This are just to get the ball rolling :slight_smile:

Would love to hear from you.

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if i do something not trackable i use a non-registered mobilcard than share the internetconnection from a imei changed handy to my laptop with a live-usb version linux there i run a virtual maschine with another linux with a non logging multihop vpn

it is a question of useablity and compfort you can hide many things

i use no program i use a linux-router for vpn with wireguard protokol

the securest think is that you know what you do
for example what to allow in your browser for scripts
and what is important

blocking ports in firewall
or even open it for example for p2p
or anything else

and keeping the system up to date with security updates

by the way has anyone a antivirus programm on system on linux installed

greetingz nickschecka :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:

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I use Sophos free on my main linux computer as I transfer and receive a lot of files from Windows computers.


I always log out of my Facebook and clear cookies.

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I use vpn for public wifi.
Also, I run the windows with VMware and Installed Kaspersky.
Sometimes use Whonix, parrot, kali.
But basically, I use googled-chromium on my host.
I think that privacy and usability are trade-off.
I do most of my work with just Firewalld and Clamav.


Things I use being aware of my privacy:

In my laptop with Garuda:


  • Falkon: Filter tracking cookies, Filter 3rd party cookies

Cloud Storages: MEGA & Nextcloud

Messengers: Telegram & Element

In my PinePhone: :slight_smile:

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Im envious! How does that work these days and which variant of it do you own?

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The 199 € version?

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Yes. Manjaro build.

Smoothness is not yet as android (little laggy), but basic features like 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi and Hotspot are working pretty well, with bugs, but they are getting better with each update.

By the way I'm using it as my main phone (the only phone I have currently) :wink: