Temporary random freezes

Hello all,
it happens that system randomly freezes:

  • when updating
  • when using things such as monero wallet
  • when installing packages

I've got an i5-8th gen with ssd and 16 gb rams. I've tried zen and lts kernels. I've been using endeavour os (arch based) and there were not such issues.
btrfs quotas are turned off.
iotop, iowait, iftop and such don't show anything I can relate to these freezes.
Is it a btrfs problem?
Any ideas?


Best start for the peeps here is to post the output of inxi -Fxxxza into the private bin (above) and link for us, please - and welcome to the forums :wave:

Don't forget the search function here on the forums, either.

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Hi Stroke,
thanks for your welcome =)

here is the inxi output

Now it happens to freeze even while surfing the web and nothing more...

Here (and in Linux generally) you are helped to 'self-help'. You will have been expected to use the search, which you can further specify to show only 'solved' threads. Look through and check.

Also -
will go a long way for you.

Looking at glances, during freezes it shows high iowaits (even 50% when normal is close to 0).
How can I check further? Btrfs stres tests? I didn't have such problems with ext4...

I had something like 5 snapshots in timeshift: I removed them and it seems to work properly without iowaits.
I will write here in case this issue will show again.

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Please do so, there is an ongoing thread, similar in nature, regarding btrfs, so worth your time for info.

To be safe, make one snapshot. :smiley: