Support for users who updated to pacman 6

sorry, i am late to the news of release of pacman 6, didnt blacklist, updated to pacman 6, need some support.

i just commented out TotalDownload in pacman.conf and that error disappeared.

the error i am now getting is while opening pamac-manager

 ╰─λ pamac-manager
pamac-manager: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

firstly, is the error normal for users who updated to pacman 6?

secondly, wanted to know how should i proceed?

i did searched for the error and got suggestions to reinstall pacman using chroot, or use

yay -S pamac-aur-git

this is very misleading unless you know that pacman 6 is released and gui package managers are having problems. Wanted to confirm how to proceed? for the users who have updated to pacman 6 and not blacklisted pacman. Should i just wait for a few days? how will the fix for this get to the users? do i need to reinstall pamac-manager or wait for a new release that supports pacman 6 or some manual intervention is needed?


Have you read the latest announcement properly?

However, there is also a downside: Pamac doesnt work with it yet and refuses to start. Progress can be tracked here:
[archlinux] pamac cannot be build against libalpm 13 provided by pacman 6.0 (#1047) · Issues · Applications / pamac · GitLab


if i am not wrong then am i ONLY supposed to do these steps if i have updated my system to pacman 6 -

diff /etc/pacman.conf /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew

copy the output to clipboard

sudo rm /etc/pacman.conf 
sudo mv ./pacman.conf.pacnew ./pacman.conf

Use pacman and/or yay or paru until Pamac is fixed.

You'll likely not need to go back to using a GUI anyway.


is it ok if i dont merge pacnew files? will it be resolved later by an update? or i have to do this anyway? please clarify this.

No. Always merge your pacnew.



these changes have been made by me after running

sudo mv /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew /etc/pacman.conf

1> i have kept cache directory commented which was default with the pacnew file. older pacman.conf had cache directory line uncommenetd.
2> i have added garuda-system to hold packages which was also present in older pacman.conf


to the end of new pacman.conf
4> uncommented

#ParallelDownloads = 5


#Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist


#SigLevel = Never
Include = /etc/pacman.d/chaotic-mirrorlist


sudo pacman -Syyu 

works perfectly. refreshing keyrings now using garuda-assistant

keyrings refreshed successfully.

sudo pacman -Syyu 

is still working. now doing reboot and will check

systemctl --failed ; journalctl  -p 3 -b

to ensure pacman is doing fine.

Everything is now working as expected,

sudo pacman -Syyu

returns no errors.



Thanks for help.
Now I have a new /etc/pacman.conf merged with the previous one and Pacman and Paru work fine. (I was able to upgrage the system with a snapshot before upgrade as as usual). I am happy. But the GUI Install and upgrage packages doesn't work. It crashes as soon as I launch it. I don't know why.

  • Must I wait for new version compatible with pacman 6.0?
  • Must I change some configuration files?
  • How I can see more details about crash?

Thanks you.

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I didn't realize that GUI Install and upgrage packages and pamac are the same thing.
(better late than never)

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