Suggestion or help

hey anyone here .i was working on a project -to make a splash screen for garuda linux
so if anyone here can you please provide me a best background image for splash screen
it will be very gratefull for me

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Do you mean a login splashscreen?

yes if you have any bg image send me
right now i am using unsplash image but i have a query will it cause copyright

background image

@SGS huge respect to you
you are always present here and helping us right now you just edited my reply to match with chat

can you provide me any bg image

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Atually Garuda had its own one, but don't know why they removed it. Here is a related discussion happened.

but it is a sweet theme which really donot match with garuda os
and right now i worked on garuda logo and created a dragonised logo dragonised os

Use one of Show your Artwork

Remember a note to the artist, not all backgrounds there are from me :wink:


In the thread "Show your Artwork" there is a huge number of background images, you can check it. The wallpaper I use is one of them.

Edit: Oops, SGS and me typed the same :smiley:


We like it the way it is.

But you can display whatever you want on your PC. :slight_smile:


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