Wellcome Screen crash

HI! After install GIT my wellcome screen has change from a beautifull garuda to a boring three lines (menu like).. anyones know where to download again the wellcome screen "Sweet"? Or, eighter, how to fix it?

I don't understand exactly what happened (maybe at the moment you ended up with plymouth-git), but maybe you could try installing plymouth-theme-dr460nized (the one I use) or plymouth-theme-garuda or plymouth-theme-garuda-purple ?
I also have Theme=dr460nized in /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf, and this could be checked as well.


What specifically did you install, and how?


I think those three lines you're talking about is the new login splash screen logo, not plymouth screen. AFAIK that got changed after an update, not by installing git. I personally like the new one so far.

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First, from the "store" (sorry if it´s nos the name, i´m new), i´ve installed GIT (pure GIT v2.31.1),that send me an error after finish and the the store icon became a "gray file"icon with text "bla.bla.pacman.bla" and out of fuction, plus broken splash creen.. so, i erase and reinstall all. Ok, now it works! I reinstall everything, store works, splash logo works.. so far, all works! Ok time to install git, but now lets try from Konsole... Ok, store works, not errors, so i restart an then.... again "splash screen" broken..

Yes @SameExpert !! it´s the Splash screen logo,not the plymouth! In settings it´s called "wellcome screen". Totally agree!! It´s beautifull!! I can replace it with another, but i REALLY loved that one.. so, if it´s anyway to get a new one, i want it!!
@filo thaks!! but it´s like @SameExpert says, it´s the Splash screen! do you know where i can find it to download? or if i can extract it from the installer ISO?
Really thaks to all!!

Its all in the git -> here Garuda gitlab.com.

Thaks @SGS! But i´m not refering to download git (git is downloaded and working) i´m talking about the violet and magenta Garuda Splash screen!

Sorry, I'm lost, I tried... :pensive:
For me it is plymouth which provides the splash screen, i.e. the screen leading to the login manager.
I don't know what the welcome screen is :sweat:...

Awesome!! Thanks!! Excusme,i don´t want to be anoying, but once in there where sould i serch to?

No, please!! Just to try means a lot!!
The splash is the one that apear after the log in, and the plymouth,before (as i understand)

KDE Splash? I get you. You applied sweet KDE splash screen.

Just go to Garuda Assistant and restore defaults and configs. Search restore defaults on forums to know more.


Thanks! But it hasen´t work.. still broken. I´ve tryed to upload an screenshot, but i´m a new user, so i can´t.
Don´t you have the file to send it to me? Or a link to download it?! Or explainme how extract it from de boot drive, if it´s possible?
(Just to clarify: any other splash works well!)

Ok! I´ve found the solution!
I´ve copied the logo from

renamed it (to make it match) and pasted it in

Thaks to all!


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