Suggestion: Change the Qtile standard config to adjust brightness via brightnessctl

Basicly what the title says. It works on both intel and amdgpu as far as i have tested and also didnt seem to struggle with a newer kernel.

((could be the wrong place to post this tho, but its qtile specific so y))

Uh are you are replying to someone else? I think you opened a new issue rather than adding to the relevant topic.

yes i opened it, since it was closed like couple weeks ago and wasnt implemented, which lead to quite a headache for my new install just now

Lol just seemed like you were replying to another topic with a topic lol. No context or backstory.

no i had a similar headache as the other topic, but the reason was different (amd instead of intel)

Yeah but without the other topic this just looks whacky and out of left field. You should at least link to the other for context. Changing the title to what the issue is rather than how to deal with it will also look more sane.

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i didnt even know there was another topic. so that might be your bias

You just said there was another topic.


I see in the latest builds brightnessctl is part of the package list if this is what was needed. Eg
And this was the change

So, it's done, I'd say ...


i mean yes, its part of it, but its not in the config, that was my problem

I modified the topic title to more clearly describe what I believe you were suggesting to avoid some of the confusion here.


it's already done. Update your config to get latest change.