Stuck on the boot page thingy

So I tried to use garuda linux but it was stuck on the page displaying all the starting, finished, and started things. I unfortunately can't upload an image because new users can't upload images, but it's like the screen with a bunch of code that usually appears when you start your computer. I've been stuck for 3 hours at this point and I've given up, I'll resume tomorrow and would ask if anyone knows how to make this process go faster.

I have had that issue before and the only thing I could do was reinstall. I wiped the drive before starting the new install. Not an issue I have had with Garuda but with some other distros.
I am a not all that experienced, only getting back into Linux after many years and I love Garuda.


Thank you for this information, I appreciate this very much and will try it.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Pictures are not necessary.

If this is a fresh installation, chroot with the live ISO and run in the terminal


From there you can also post the garuda-inxi.
So that we can see what hardware and software you are dealing with.

If snapshots are already available, you can try them from grub.


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