Stuck on "Reached Target Graphical Interface" in Live Environment

I am new and this is my first time attempting to install and the proprietary drivers were just infinite black screen and open source drivers had me stuck on "Reached Target Graphical Interface" for eternity. I have no Idea how this or why this is happening but much appreciated if you can help.

Hi there welcome to the forum.
Which edition?
If it was the dr460nized gaming one, it's having some similar troubles lately.
Try the dr460nized one and then use the Garuda gamer to install what you need.

It was Dr460nized Gaming. I'll try normal and report back with results.

Same issue happened.

Try the special (limited time only?) LTS version of the ISO:

It’s a one-off build at the moment, from this thread:


I will load that ISO and see if it works.

It worked! And my first impression is GOT DAMN IT LOOKS COOL! Thanks for the help!

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