Steam Games Crash After Latest System Update

With Linux I also don’t know my way around, the stupid is only that there are many magazines about Windows, but not about Linux Arch.

By reading Windows articles, I know how to outsource the HDD’s Kernel on the RAM. In contrast to Linux.
I like the old logo, Lol.

I used MS windows for long years. I’m using since windows 98. I’m better in windows than linux.

In my opinion, Windows is not good anymore. Linux is freedom.

You can change everything, you get less probality to get a virus, the most of programs are free.

I just need spend more time learning about linux.

I love this distro! We dont need use commands to install or uninstall but i’m learning about it also

Did you enable resizable bar in your bios? I read somewhere that having it disabled causes crashes in games with the most recent kernels. I didn’t investigate much (resizable bar is on for me and have no crashes with the lastest version of the kernel), you may want to search infos about it :slight_smile:


My first Windows was Windows 95, since Windows 11 I also want to get away. I don’t see my money to hide, so I went to Linux, 12 years ago I had tried Linux Ubuntu, but was not particularly convinced of it so I waited and 11 - 12 years later a lot had done about Linux.

I don’t know the function at all, I just shook on the web afterwards and who try it.

4g Decoding and Resize Bar

I checked the BIOS and both functions are off.

You need to download the kernel from Octopi, open it and search for the package simply named “linux” (Make sure the green alien icon is not selected that searches the AUR) and when that is installed open the program Garuda Boot Options and change boot to “Garuda Linux, with Linux linux” then reboot.

Just wanted to chime in and say that after the most recent update, all my games kept crashing as well. Halo, Overwatch2, Helldivers2.

After distro hopping around like a crazy person and nothing fixed the issue, I came here for some help. Going into the BIOS and enabling 4G Decoding and resize bar fixed the issues.

Thank you

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Kernel version 6.9 should appear in the repos this week.

If you don’t want to wait for a new kernel version, you can load and restore a snapshot from before the update.

I advise against downgrading the kernel. This may have unforeseen consequences, do this at your own risk:

sudo downgrade linux-zen linux-zen-headers

First you select the kernel you want, for example 6.5.9-Zen2 and confirm.
Then the appropriate headers, i.e. 6.5.9-Zen2.
Regarding the questions:

add linux-zen to IgnorePkg? [y/n]
add linux-zen-headers to IgnorePkg? [y/n]

you answer with No [n].
The next system update (garuda-update) automatically updates the kernel to the latest version.

If issues arise after a kernel downgrade → snapper is your best friend :slight_smile:


I only see the current kernel 6.8.9.zen1-2 displayed in Octopi

I’ll try activating G4 decoding

Glad it helped, I’m a gamer myself and I can say, without doubts, that garuda is the best distro for this purpose (and not only), you can stop the distro hopping :grin:

Enable resizable bar in your bios guys :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly why I prefer to wait for an update, as a downgrade goes very deep into the system.
The system can be destroyed quickly

I am very satisfied with Garuda Linux. Of course, problems can occur with a rolling distribution, you should be aware of this before choosing a Linux version.

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try searching for just “Linux” and not “Linux Kernel”.

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You may also want to try the linux-mainline kernel as it has the newest experimental changes destined for the next kernel version. It may contain the kernel updates you need to avoid the crashes during gaming.

Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I didn’t read all 50+ posts on this thread.


The games crash when they start, I’m waiting for the new kernel, if everything works after that, that’s enough for me

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This appears to have fixed the issue for me.


It has apparently also worked for others as well:


I couldn’t be patient any longer, I’ve now cloned an SSD and installed the kernel suggested here and made the necessary settings in the Grub bootloader.

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I’m here just to back that up. Worked out like a charm. Opening Garuda Settings Manager, choosing the Kernel option, installing mainline and restarting into it by picking Advanced Boot options on the menu with the countdown got my games working for me. I just rewrote the process the way someone like me sees it just in case.

Got my BG3 working with Vulkan and I don’t need to rely on DX11 (which crashed any time my movement or visuals got intense), so I’m getting the better and more stable experience again :face_holding_back_tears:

Thank y’all for chipping away at it

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Everything worked out, I can play Insurgents Sandstorm again and all the COD titles.

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Cool. Enjoy your games :slight_smile: have fun

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