Starship-git now is obsolete

Today I have discovered I have starship-git (Paru) and now It is obsolete.

I have tried to remove starship-git but something went wrong.
(But BTRFS is powerfull)

The solution exists since 2021

install starship

Sorry but I can’t tell your demand.
Are you trying to share your successful experience? Provide a solution to people encountering similar problem with you? Or suggest the team to substitute that package in Garuda?
After all, this is the Issues & Assistance category

I don’t think Starship has been a problem for a while. If your install is old and you haven’t updated since then, then I can see it being a problem :slight_smile:
I think the category is fine, and pointing out the solution you found is pretty cool… hopefully the mods think the same


There is no -git in the packages list

starship 1.17.1-2

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