Some suggestions about gnome

  1. Sweet theme: You could use the sweet theme to make gnome edition consistent with the others.
  2. Animation Tweaks: you could use the animation tweaks extension by default and configure it to your liking by default(probably match the KDE version wherever possible)
  3. Compiz like windows and magic lamp effects: again another animation tweak to make it consistent with KDE.
  4. Freon: To show the temperatures of hardware so itll also make the top bar look similar to the window managers.
  5. Impatience: To speed up animations out of the box.
  6. No Top Left Hot corner: the top left hot corner is annoying.
  7. Sound and Input Device Chooser
  8. Quake mode with terminal binded to ctrl alt t.

Wrong forum, post to GNOME :wink:

All this is already in gnome. I'm asking these add-ons and settings be there by default.

Ahhh, so, fork the garuda gnome and do the changes, seems not so difficult,

but wait, next GNOME update brake all your work?

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Nothing is broken now everything works.

Correct, the emphasis is on "now".

Did you change all this on your PC?
If,then it will be a nice wiki for users they like this style.

You can share there also your .config files and more.

Thing is I don't know where to find the config files. If I provide config files will you guys merge it into the next iso.

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Ill have a look at these and see how it works for me :grin:
The wobbly windows were even in for a short time but had some graphical glitches which is why they were removed shortly after :thinking: any updates which made this better?
Isnt quake mode already implemented?


there are two different wobbly windows extensions. one is buggy other works fine for me. the one with "alike" in the extension name is the one i use. same for window effect

Without a full time maintainer to step forward, the Gnome edition is far more likely to get the ax than have further attention given to it. Same goes for Deepin, far more likely to be dropped than have more effort expended on it.

With all the new users and their unrealistic expectations from such a small development team, something has to give. Either competent maintainers step forward to assist with problematic editions like Gnome and Deepin (and possibly others) or they're likely soon going to be on the chopping block.

That's just the new reality with the rapidly expanding user base of Garuda. Too many editions and not enough maintainers, means we either get new volunteers to maintain editions that are the most headaches or they're likely going to be dropped.

So basically, the more complaints (and requests for work) on the most problematic editions the sooner they are likely to simply be dropped.


I might be able to help in 6 months. :slight_smile:
Need to get myself into a college and then I can chill and take care of garuda gnome. You guys gotta teach me tho.


please noooooooo i cant live without linux garuda gnome :sob: :sob:

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Hoard the gnome isos before they go extinct.

Well, we don't want to drop GNOME either.

Besides being one the most loved DE, it is daily driver of many people and many people like it.

But it have become much more difficult to ship gnome because of a lot of bugs, and cold behavior of GNOME devs towards bugs.

We ain't dropping GNOME right now, but if the problem get beyond repair, we will be forced to drop GNOME.



Cool. I'll start helping with garuda gnome once I am free from 12th.


@Naman, plzzzz don't drop GNOME, you can drop UKUI, Deepin... but plzzzz don't GNOME, because it is one of the most polished environment and many people across the globe like this. And guyz believe me after some bug fixes our KDE is "MUCH MORE BATTER THAN MANJARO KDE." I used Manjaro KDE before 2 months some adons of KDE still not working there which is working on our kde.

Next year, oops, not so far :smiley:

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Yes, but for rolling distros the cold behavior is like " Maruti-800 in Formula-1 Race".

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the deepin interface has improved

It is best not to evaluate a book by its cover but to read the book first

In this case wait a little longer, but see if it will be possible to support or not

I might also be able to help.