Some suggestions about gnome

Have you stopped to think others might not like all this junk you are demanding, roll your own spin don't expect others to do it for you because you can't be assed to install a few extensions on your own.


I was new back then. Kinda amateurish. Pardon me.


This one im seriously considering though :thinking:


That one will make garuda flavours feel more consistent and more "garudy" since now cinnamon and some others also have started using atleast some parts of the sweet theme.

I feel the BSPWM edition needs more love

Show it some then xD

Anything wrong with it currently?

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I think it wold be better if we used poly bar instead of xfce4

Heres how it looks now

and here is an eample of polybar

also why is there a xfce and a "garudas BSPWM session"

Well when I created this edition I wanted it to be easy to use - XFCE being an almost complete DE makes switching easier.
If someone wants to change it to be more WM like they are free to do so :thinking:


Looks like there has been some good progress made on this (Gnome + Sweet Theme / Icons)

After install of the Gnome version in a virtual machine, It looks like Sweet theme + cursor + shell are working and look nice, but Sweet Icons are not present.

Is this a problem on my end or is this still a work in progress and icons have not been added to the gnome version yet?

On an unrelated note:
(Thanks for all the good work BTW, this is my first post on the forum, I'm really impressed with a lot of the default choices of this distro. I suspect I arrived here for different reasons than most (I've been searching for a distro that makes BTRFS + Encryption + Snapshots easy out of the box) and the very attractive UI and focus on privacy have been very pleasant surprises--so thanks!)


They should be, is beautyline installed? It worked when I tested and took a screenshot :eyes:
What version did you install? If its the january one then beautyline wasnt pulled as dependency by the settings package, just fixed that :slight_smile:


Yes, I have the most recent .iso
Looks like I didn't have the beautyline package installed, adding that package from chaotic-aur solved it. Thank you!


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