Solarus Game Engine

Solarus is a game engine and GPL licensed. Did their developer request it to be removed from Chaotic? Since I don't see it there, while it is on AUR. See here:

When was it in Chaotic AUR? There was a full rebuild a little while ago, The recent Chaotic-AUR repository rebuild


I don't know, if it was ever in Chaotic. As far as I understand, does Chaotic contain all AUR content, unless specifically requested to be removed.

If you don't know if it was in ChaoticAUR, why would you imply that the developers asked for it to be removed?

No, it doesn't build the whole AUR (and has never done so).


Well, nice to know. How to submit a proposal?


A tough one... imagine Garuda needs to rebuild the WHOLE AUR into chaotic :scream:

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