The recent Chaotic-AUR repository rebuild

Hello everyone! :blush:
We would like to inform you about a recent maintenance we performed - a full repository rebuild. This was planned since some time to really clean up the repo, eg. we had some packages in there which got dropped from AUR and therefore no longer received updates. The reset allowed us to make sure packages in the repo are actually recent versions and also compiled with the new GCC update that was released earlier this month. Our goal was to do all this behind the scenes and the mirrors were frozen during that time - today they were unfrozen and all mirrors are synced up up by now.

So, what does it mean? :face_with_monocle:

  • All packages got rebuilt
  • Some of them got dropped (no longer in AUR/deprecated)
  • Others will return at a later date after issues have been fixed ( either not building due to compilation or packaging issues on AUR side)
  • xcursor-sweet is now provided by respective garuda-*-settings packages so uninstalling during the update is fine

Note that the removed or later returning ones are mostly rather exotic or -git packages.

Some packages are now occupying less space than before, so deleting the package cache and reinstalling all packages (Garuda Assistant) might actually return some storage space :grin: