Snapshot restore issue

As I messed up the Latte Panel in the KDE desktop and cannot find out how to get the Garuda Latte layout back, I wanted to try and restore a snapshot from before the mess up. I followed the guide on the wiki.

After this, when I login to the desktop, a window pops up saying:

Admin Access Required
Admin access is required to backup and restore system files.
Please re-run the application as admin (using 'sudo' or 'su')

I'm not sure where this message comes from nor what I can do about it.

I'm also not sure whether a snapshot restore will revert to an earlier version of the Latte panel, as this is probably saved in the home directory?

Snapshots only restore system to previous state

They dont restore your home.

To get your layout back
To default

cp -r /etc/skel/. ~/

It set all configs to default

If you want to selectively
Then copy only the needed one from /etc/skel
To your home

I wanted to selectively get back the latte layout.
I tried to accomplish this here, but do not succeed.
Further help will be appreciated.

Well you can set timeshift to backup your @home, but that is not a good idea for most people. If you use your home for storage of documents or music, videos the new stuff will be lost when you restore to an older date. Say you were working on a big project that you put a ton of effort into, all your work since your last snapshot would be lost.

That would upset many people, as well as potentially increasing the size of your snapshots by a vast amount (depending on what you store @home).

I actually do backup my home because I store very little there. My documents, music and videos are all stored on multiple external platter drives for an extra margin of safety.

Timeshift also has a setting to backup your dot (.) files in @home. This backs up your configuration files in your home directory and that is probably what you'd want to use with timeshift.

This of course is a double edged sword because if you messed a program configuration up and want it back as before that's great. However, say you had a bad update and your only choice was to roll back your system. Now you will lose all your configuration changes since your last snapshot.

The moral of the story is snapshots are not a replacement for a proper backup regimen. Most users never do proper backups until after they've experience a catastrophic data loss. Don't be "that" guy, get a proper backup strategy in place before you live to regret it.


I hope you don't mind too much, but I edited your title. It was not a "failure" on timeshift's part, it was an issue with your misunderstanding how the program actually works.


I fully understand the backup strategy outlined by you, using timeshift.
My documents, pictures & Videos are backed up from pc to a NAS and from there to a cloud service. All good, no need to include @home in the snapshots.
Your discourse however still does not explain the original Admin Access Required error message.
I'm not willingly trying to access folders outside my permissions as per the procedure described in the garuda wiki, i presume
Can you elaborate on this maybe?