Garuda Latte layout missing

As I messed up the Latte Panel in the KDE desktop, I wanted to start fresh with the Garuda Latte Panel & dock.

For this I removed the existing panel and try to set up a new Garuda Latte Panel.

First I added an Application Menu Bar on an empty desktop.
Then I noticed that when I want to add the Garuda Latte layout, this option is not given; only Classic, Default, Empty, Familiar & Unity ae given.

In directory /usr/share/plasma/shells/ the Garuda layout is missing.
Therefor I copy it from skel:

sudo cp /etc/skel/.config/latte/garuda.layout.latte /usr/share/plasma/shells/

After this, I still cannot add the Garuda Latte Panel.

What am I missing here?

cp -rf /etc/skel/.config/latte/ ~/.config/latte/
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Still not able to add Garuda Panel after this copy command

cp -rf /etc/skel/. ~/

And reboot

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With this I have the Garuda Latte Layout back on my desktop. Thanks!
But obviously, I also have to go through the initial setup after this.
At least my HiDPI screen is unreadable again and I have to configure this again.
In this respect I also want to mentions that the HiDPI toggle in the Garauda Welcome App on the KDE lite install is not fully functional.