Garuda Latte layout missing

As I messed up the Latte Panel in the KDE desktop, I wanted to start fresh with the Garuda Latte Panel & dock.

For this I removed the existing panel and try to set up a new Garuda Latte Panel.

First I added an Application Menu Bar on an empty desktop.
Then I noticed that when I want to add the Garuda Latte layout, this option is not given; only Classic, Default, Empty, Familiar & Unity ae given.

In directory /usr/share/plasma/shells/ the Garuda layout is missing.
Therefor I copy it from skel:

sudo cp /etc/skel/.config/latte/garuda.layout.latte /usr/share/plasma/shells/

After this, I still cannot add the Garuda Latte Panel.

What am I missing here?

cp -rf /etc/skel/.config/latte/ ~/.config/latte/
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Still not able to add Garuda Panel after this copy command

cp -rf /etc/skel/. ~/

And reboot

Edit: Update on new features introduced in Garuda Assistant.

Using the above cp command is no longer necessary as it will overwrite all default configs in the users home directory. Some time after this thread was created Garuda Assistant was updated to allow a much more fine grained solution. Garuda Assistant now allows the user to choose exactly which system components they wish to revert to the defaults. That way if you only require your Latte config to be reverted it doesn't revert other components you may have spent a lot of time and effort customizing.

It is now recommended to simply use Garuda Assistant to revert individual user configs.


With this I have the Garuda Latte Layout back on my desktop. Thanks!
But obviously, I also have to go through the initial setup after this.
At least my HiDPI screen is unreadable again and I have to configure this again.
In this respect I also want to mentions that the HiDPI toggle in the Garauda Welcome App on the KDE lite install is not fully functional.

after rebooting my touch pad not working

reboot. if failed open new topic with output from inxi -Faz, please.

Do not post on old topics.

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