Show off your AI skills

Created for Garuda specially . I’m an Artist will be contributing more walls . The wallpaper will only free to use for Garuda Linux.


Maybe you can make an own thread about this, i would be happy to see your results as well, cool work :slight_smile: greetings


Don’t mind if I do. These are gorgeous.

Oh, i thought we were doing data science, that’s why i showed up… Those are much cooler!

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Worked and Post process everything to make it wallpaper. Made some for Garuda Gaming Editions.

Note : These wallpapers are made for Garuda Linux specially . Please dont use for other commercials stuffs. Thank You.


Can you please tell me the name of AI you used? I have tried some text to image AI online but the stuff it generates is quite horrible. Compared to that this quality is quite different.


its not easy i mostly used alot tools to make quality. which seems butchered by forums compression . Each wallpaper is above 45 mb in forums compression killed quality. A lot tools has been used to make this also some post process done in PS.


For good quality, we use Gitlab or Github.
Just link to the picture address.
You can also make a hint for the copyright on that place, like

I use Blender, Inkcscape, GIMP and Krita.

PS is PhotoShop,what else?


Great walls IF you hadn’t added the smaller unnecessary elements and text. As for size one can create a beautiful wall for a 60" 8k TV that’s far less 47 megs.

what text exactly if you can point out resolution and text i might try to build for you tv resolution.

AI is a new business model overall.

And it’s still a long way from being perfect like a chess computer.

I would say there is a lot to improve. Unless you like mutilated feathers.

As is Adobe and its software. The only difference is that AI generates everything from existing power, just as a chess computer calculates everything available.
Garuda Linux was created in part to give something back to the FOSS community. Instead of donating to the great software developers of FOSS, we thought of becoming part of FOSS ourselves.
Everyone is free to pay for software, but I would have been forced to leave the system at the latest when the companies thought they had to offer their software only for leasing and for certain periods of time against payment. People had paid thousands of dollars to be able to use M$ Office/PS, for example. Then M$/Adobe realized, people just use this package for several years. Damn.
But who am I actually telling this to …
The power of FOSS could be greater if the monopolies were broken up.

Just my opinion :slight_smile:


AI is a just limited in many areas when it comes to arts. if i make actual dedicate big project i will all from sratch and 3D. im not proud of results… but im happy i tried my best to contribute to Garuda. if this was a commercial project i would never used AI.

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That’s how I feel, every little piece adds up to the big system.
Only the team makes us strong.


The problem was created when MS bought DOS, developed it for IBM, who named it PC DOS (licensed as MS DOS to Microsoft), and after a very short time became the “Standard” by which all other PC manufacturers tried (and largely failed) to copy. I remember when there were as many versions of DOS as there were PC Manufacturers.

But none of them had the ability to take on the IBM/MS combination. PC/MS DOS was the standard on every computer sold in the U.S. but you could only buy PCs in the few “computer stores” that existed. But when Windows started to get big, Microsoft developed the strategy of selling Windows on every PC in every discount (Walmart) and Big Box (Costco, Sam’s) throughout the entire country. I can speak only for the U.S. I don’t know about PCs in Europe, etc.

When that was the combination American shoppers saw the most, that is what they bought the most. :frowning:

FOSS will never be able to trump Greed. Unfortunately.


same here in canada.
Linux only existed on CD’s and UNIX was only on servers.
everything had Windows 3.1 preinstalled and you didn’t even get the effing disks to reinstall if you borked it.


any chance for ultawide ver or 4k. they look epic btw

Hey sry again the forum compressed the quality of wallpapers . its actually 8K wallapers . UHD . not sure if i can developed the actual resolutions . i using gnome version… More high quality walls will be pushed to source soon. Thanks for feedback.

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8k is fine for me :+1: no rush

Sorry to say, but when I meant that for better forum representation you can use Gitlab or Github, I didn’t mean that you should do an MR at Garuda in Gitlab.
Create your own account on Github or Gitlab, set the wallpapers and anyone who likes them can use them.
The intended use, only for Garuda Linux, will not interest anyone.
You can exclude commercial things, but not everyone sticks to them. :slight_smile:

no worries im gonna take rest.