Should i upgrade pacman?


I have been reading some stuff that says pacman upgrade leads to failure and stuff...

It's currently a pending update showing in pamac...

should I upgrade it or cancel it?

If pacman upgrade fails.. then what should I use instead? Also, I mostly download and upgrade using pamac.. if pacman fails to install, will pamac still be functional????


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Actually it is all the opposite.
You should do system updates with pacman.
Pacman does not and will not fail.
If you update pacman, then pamac will break.
If pamac fails, pacman will be functional.

If you can't or won't use pacman for package jobs, then you should not update your system packages, untill pamac is fixed to be Archlinux compatible.
But the time pamac will be fixed is unpredictable and is considered to be a lot later.

It is your system. It is your choice what to do.
All or nothing is how rolling distributions work. :man_shrugging:


Use this update hiccup as a learning experience to discover how merging pacnew files works with Arch Linux based distros. You should also familiarize yourself with using pacman in the terminal.

I personally feel if you are unwilling to learn how to merge pacnew files or update your system from the terminal you should probably migrate to another distro.

Arch based systems are not self maintaining. Learning these maintenance skills is essential IMO. If you are unwilling to learn how to maintain your system properly (or occasionally use the terminal), then an Arch based system probably isn't for you.


So, theoretically you can use your computer in it's current state for as long as you want. I have gone 60+ days without updating (it was an experiment and I wanted to see what, if anything would break, and I was learning how to fix it.

Eventually, as long as you use that system and are planning at SOME POINT to update - you will need to merge the pacnew file at the very least. In it's current update process, the pacman update will break pamac.

Your options:

Leave your computer exactly as it is forever. (there's obviously a LOT of reasons why you shouldn't do this, but, it's your copmuter).

Update, merge pacnew, learn how to use pacman and yay/paru instead of pamac.

Reinstall your system everytime there is a major update that requires manual intervention. If you always have a new system - you never need to update.

Use a different distro that doesn't require manual intervention or any real involvement - Linux Mint has automatic downloads for instance. Solus is rock stable. Debian. .. . just never changes.


Funny thing, I have just finished updating a laptop I had to lend a friend because of hers had just broken the HDD.
She used to have Windows.
My laptop was with Arch/plasma. She insisted it was 10 times faster than Windows (similar specs) and was a joy to use (Plasma).
No problem updating after six (6) months! :sunglasses:


There are other GUI based pamac alternatives that work with pacman 6: bauh and tkpacman

Guys I found the ubunarch.

Hmm. Yes.
This is quite, how I see it.

I'm not at all a fellow, who knows much about Linux.
Now, I got (again) interested about Linux. Not mainly because of Garuda, but because I was bored :wink:
That's offtopic, though!

I once re-installed, because of the "update gone wrong" earlier. Even though I did NOT really NEED TO DO SO...
And after that I realized to check more forums and so on... Damn, I still update without care, though! Now I didn't and haven't updated as I'm waiting for a total fix...
Because I saw these forums posts. So, I MIGHT have learned something :wink:

Now, I haven't updated. And I won't, until these issues will be resolved :wink:

but it's only the pacman/pamac conflict that will eventually be resolved with time, once pamac is updated. How will time help you solve the issue of merging the pacman.conf pacnew file?

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Pamac is a Manjaro product. Waiting for them to update it is going to remove an advantage of being on Arch (getting the latest packages). pacman works well as always on the terminal. So do AUR helpers like yay and paru. If you want a GUI based package manager, you can try bauh. It works differently than pamac, but will allow you to use the latest pacman/libalpm under the hood, which means you get parallel downloads.

Yes, I can totally just use the terminal. That's not a problem for me...

Well, probably I just merge that file :wink:

There were quite clear instructions,if I remember correctly..

I also went 2+ months on a Cinnamon install. I was rather disappointed when nothing broke.

Arch can get whatever shit it wants. I can't ask for much more stable than that. ■■■■■■■ windows keeps failing the firmware update on my thinkpad for my usbc dock for like a month now. I haven't had Arch fail me like that yet.


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