Should I switch from Garuda to something else

So today I was trying to update my wine to only use ALAS sound but then suddenly it crashed After waiting for 5 minutes I force shutdowned it and when I relog I saw some sort of prmpt which wanted to gimme gpg keys after giving them there was no task bar or the dock but after a quick google search I fixed it by resetting all my configs. So will I have to live with this behavior or is it better to just distro hop?

Distro hop (Y/n):


"Something broke and I had to fix it" is something you will deal with with any distro, software--even your life outside of computers, forever until you die.

If you want a distro where things break as infrequently as possible try Linux Mint - Debian edition.


This is a learned Windows behavior. That being, if you experience any problems just reinstall.

If you are unwilling to learn anything about the OS you are using that may be the perpetual solution for you.

Nuke and pave, (the Windows way). :crazy_face:


If you blame the distro for a problem you created then you'll never find one that meets your expectations, but that shouldn't stop you from looking.


I know that you should expect errors from an OS but this thing reset all of my configs :expressionless:
Will this behavior persist ??

Also how can i know whether I'm using pulseaudio ??

And you probably followed some random guide to achieve this?

We aren't really to blame for issues that arise when forcing a shutdown I guess.



Alrighty then I will think and make a decision and from now on I won't use the official winetricks Documentation :slight_smile:

Alright, thats no random guide I guess. But this doesn't mean that this guide eventually doesn't apply to Garuda. There might be another solution to what you are trying to achieve.


Alright I've decide to stay but is there any way I can restore the default configs??

Snapper restore old settings real easy. Update breaks something, you break something snapper will have you up and running in a few minutes.


It must be rembered however, that snapshots do not include your home directory config files by default. If you wish your home directory to be backed up you must set that up yourself.


Don't do it with Timeshift tho. It will try to back up the whole @home. If you have large files in there, it won't end up well. :smiley:

IMO switch to EndeavourOS. Great OS and great community.

If you want to try Garuda for a bit longer, you could try PlasmaConfigSaver (If you're on Plasma DE, tho I'm sure there are similar tools for other DEs). I find it very useful. Doesn't save some keyboard shortcuts, but everything else has been saved and it has been easy to get my configs back after failure.

Timeshift snapshots are not proper backups. I was more so referring to setting up a dedicated backup program for that purpose. BackInTime is a good program for that, as it let's you exclude whatever files or directories you do not want backed up. Unlike Timeshift, it also allows you to store your backups on an external drive when using btrfs.


Just use rsync :sweat_smile:

or another option is luckybackup for personal folders, great one or two way sync, simple gui interface and rsync backend.