Share some of the most shameful mistakes you ever made in your Linux journey

My worst goof was distro hopping on bare metal. I carelessly installed the new root over an active /home partition. Fortunately, my personal data was elsewhere. But it was a learning experience fixing the /home/user on the old distro...


enable wayland when i was using lightdm.


anyone ever delete /etc by accident?
I did. On a production webserver with 10000 customers running on an ext4 filesystem. :slight_smile: bad night.


Well now I don't feel so bad for admitting to my "dd" boo boo. :smiley:


now i never did this, but it was covered in one of the training classes i wrote. Do you know what happens when you restart named on a shared hosting server with a few thousand customers on it?
It takes a WHILE to parse and restart. :slight_smile:


The worst thing SystemD

This topic has been beaten to death. Please don't try to incite flame wars regarding systemd (or any other hot button topic) on the forum.

There are Arch based distros for those who are opposed to using systemd that users are free to install and use. Arch has supported systemd for many years, and that isn't going to change anytime in the foreseeable future. There's no point in tearing open old wounds again because systemd is pretty much the standard now (like it or not).


When I was still a brand new Linux noob I connected my smart TV to my computer with an HDMI cable so I could watch some videos. The TV looked great but my main monitor just had a mostly blank screen with a little mouse image on it. I thought the TV had fried my graphics card or something. I troubleshot it for hours before I figured out that the TV was now my primary display and the mouse screen was just the logo for xfce! I have never felt so dumb.


When I first started to use git (still can't use it lol) I was compiling a kernel and accidentally synced my home directory with the kernel repo. When I deleted the kernel repo you can guess what happened, yep I deleted my entire home folder as well. Of course because I was a noob I didn't bother to setup timeshift or anything, lost everything

  1. Installed Ubuntu :laughing:
  2. Tried to install deb in Manjaro. Luckily my social anxiety stopped me making a post on the Forum and I figured out how it works.
  3. Got shouted at Manjaro for telling them they should be able to open Dolphin as root. Jonathon joined in at that. :laughing: I have a feeling he enjoyed himself
  4. Tried to install Gentoo
  5. Installed Gentoo (still a mistake don't worry)
  6. Compiling a kernel on Gentoo (as one does) and rebooted halfway. Well I didn't completely reboot as you've guessed. KERNEL PANIC still scares me.
  7. Symlinked my EFI folder with my Download's folder. You've guessed what will happen.

This all happened quite recently . Perhaps it may suprise you but I have only been using linux since last lockdown - so around a year. But learning experience! Gentoo was helpful in understanding a lot. And in general the internet helped me. Not enough though as you can see.


Yes...those - yes. Just brrr! (Still need occasional therapy :wink:)

Well said - I share your pain. :rofl:


I have made this experience as well. Invaluable lessons learned from running a Gentoo system :smiley:


Seems the only discernable reason for Gentoo is as a right of passage? :rofl: (still burning)


Gentoo the Updates were a 2 day compiling event on a duel core.
When I started using Arch in 2004 god it broke every day i hated it but it just reeled me after a couple of years, just worked and has done ever since,
I thought Garuda would be the same but its not its a damn good Arch distro i love it.


I was running my infamous xfce+i3 and was using plank on a fairly old but powerful x1 carbon laptop.

Plank had created a line across the screen and it was replaced with a used ebay screen because I bought it broken, so I thought the screen was dying and a line of pixels was dead.

I was super pissed, ordered my new t480s and upgrades that I have now.

Then I put Windows on it to sell off on offer up. . . To find out it was actually stupid plank and I just dropped $1000 on new computer stuff

In the end I sold the laptop for $380 after buying it for $180 and putting on a $100 screen and have my beast 40gb ram monster laptop now. So somehow it accidentally worked out.

Is embarrassing and only a few months ago. Even veterans can screw up. So don't feel stupid new people.


You have to disable dock shadows in compositor

Didn't even make it to the end of the post. Coffee spewed! :smiley:

Words I never thought I would hear. :wink:

My Superpower is turning working hardware into brick.


Now don't get cocky with me i'll eat that budgie of yours.
Seriously i'm very impressed with Garuda after the other Arch spins on offer that are just a partly working installer, wallpaper, and and icons, then declare themselves more stable than Arch, lol
Garuda is a joy to use makes no bold claims is a joy to use, and a real forum that tries to help users not spoon feed them :boom: :boom:


Spoken like you've eaten a budgie or two.



I think you mean don't get Conky with me :grinning:
Linux puns :grin: