Share Some funny things 😁

Well, probably a lizard person according to reliable sources. But they're still "someone", Bigot!! :smirk:

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Dat 3L doh!

Don't give them thing you know, they are selling you services that will "fix" your BSOD for $59.95 a month during your BSOD. then again maybe a linux distro could pay for ad space there...

Fix your BSOD with BSD :wink:

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This is SOOO me.


You have places where you can speak to gurls? :wink:

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Not for a few years, but yes, in the past.
However I've included IRC chatrooms and games and other online forums.


Sure thing, I have 2 place :sunglasses:

  1. When my mom calls me to ask what I have eaten today
  2. On a till in the supermarket - women here always start to flirt first and ask "Cash or card" or "Do you have our bonus card?"

So you're saying I should burn my garden and stop buying the remainder of my groceries from old farmers. Then I could maybe have a chance to possibly see and or speak to a woman again? heh.

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According to my wife I can’t tell the difference either. Back when the world was normal me and my wife were out at some event and according to my wife some older than me lady was making a pass at me and I thought she was just being nice.


LOL! Did your wife growl and show her claws? (Mine does.)


That's the best kinda wife :wink:


My wife would pay for another woman to take me. :thinking:


lol no, she just thought it was funny.

Mine it depends on the day that particular day I think I was on her good side since I was being arm candy(at least that is what I tell my self) for her work party function.

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The major local ISP we use messaged us they'll be working on it this A.M. starting at 7. That there may be service interruptions. That means any Windows (11) Home users may have problems signing in. (Win Pro people with a local account sign on will not.) That's funny.

Of course that will interrupt internet activity for all users, including in Linux, the original "internet" operating system, so that's not funny.

Thank Gord for bootlegged movies.


Bootlegged? It's not a freaking live DOORS album! The kids call it [p]IRATING these days...I mean shifty eyes Streaming.

HEY LARS! SUCK MY NAPSTER! (Sorry had to.)

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Ah, I see. Like my old collection of bootlegged Dead tapes of random on-the-road concerts. (Once you got invited into a group that collects and distributes them to other Dead-heads, that's when you felt like you were a pirate...har!)

So, basically, I pirated bootleg Grateful Dead tapes?

I understand completely. The ungrateful bastard...not even a good drummer.

I never got into the dead but I do have a Touch of Gray 45.

Kinda surprised you haven't digitized stuff. I know for some the touch and feel, the ritual of the needle (heroin sounding much). For me I'm too tired for all that crap, I just wanna listen heh.

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