Server maintenance incoming 🔧

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

We will be starting server maintenance at 21:00 GMT +1 (in ~1 hour).

The estimated time until being done is 2-3 hours. During that time frame, there could be disruptions of service, as we need to move data to a new location. The major part is already done, just the migration of web services is outstanding :man_technologist:


hehe, they're just setting up their main frame with Gentoo :stuck_out_tongue:


The main part of the maintenance has been completed. A few minor things need to be worked out still, which will be happening tomorrow morning.

We are now using available resources much more efficiently than before by utilizing a NixOS host and ephemeral nixos-containers (systemd-nspawn under than hood) rather than an actual virtualization host like Proxmox. Data like the Nix store or Pacman caches are also shared between containers.

As direct effect, you may notice that the forum feels even quicker than before :fire::grin:


That's quite interesting @dr460nf1r3.

Could you briefly describe your server setup in terms of "tech for dummies"?


I can write up a few details once everything is stable - there are a few issues left to fix. Eg. Discourse was logging the reverse proxy's IP rather than the visitor ones, causing rate limiting. I'm sure a few of you experienced this. Things are looking good now though and correct IPs are getting logged.


I would really like to ask how Nix os is making everything so fast , for me everything is loading almost 3x to 5x faster :exploding_head:


NixOS has been used before, too. The secret here is no longer using VMs with dedicated and therefore limited resources, but systemd-nspawn containers with shared ones and no virtualization overhead! I'm also amazed by how much faster it is, to be honest. :joy:


Thanks for providing a nice explanation here too :


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Well it really feels a ton snappier, almost like my Garuda PC :smiley:

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