Garuda Linux "Spizaetus" (231029)

Garuda Linux “Spizaetus”

Hello, Garudians! :eagle:

It is finally time for another release, which is called Spizaetus :partying_face:
This one brings changes in our ISO offerings (hello Hyprland!), optimizations to existing presets as well as a lot of rather boring packaging changes, partly caused by the recent package name changes of KDE applications.

We also have a lot of changes done by members of our community, which is great to see. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Garuda-update :point_up:

As of now, garuda-update should be able to handle any conflict that recently occurred mostly due to the already mentioned Arch package name changes. In case you missed it, please read the announcement to understand what is going on. Furthermore, it applies the Archlinux repo migration which happened since our last release, and fixes a few more update potential update blockers.
For everyone still using pacman -Syu without being able to work around issues like this manually, please ensure always using garuda-update as it was made exactly for this purpose :blush:

ISO offerings :cd:

A few editions have been dropped from our line-up. The reason behind this is quite simple - they are not getting necessary maintenance or are missing a maintainer. The logical choice is to no longer offer them to the public.

If someone would like to step up, feel free to let us know! :slight_smile: We are open to any contribution, eg. people wanting to provide a customized community edition.

The editions affected by this change are MATE, LXQt-Kwin, KDE-git, and Wayfire.

We also have good news concerning our ISO offerings - a brand-new edition emerged! :rocket: It features the Hyprland Wayland compositor. Being focused on fancy looks and blurry windows, it is certainly a good fit for Garuda. The ones responsible for maintenance are @SGS and @Ankur.

Farewell Plymouth :wave:

Most of you might know we were using Plymouth to provide customized boot splash animations. Recently, we made the decision to no longer include Plymouth by default. Watching the terminal output can be quite nice after all, too! :grin:

Replacing grep with ugrep :mag:

We have always been interested in finding new and great alternatives to existing core applications, like bat instead of cat or eza instead of ls. Introducing our latest new and interesting tool: ugrep! Moving forward, this will be our drop-in replacement for grep. I suggest reading about its amazing features below :smile_cat:

KDE-git (Plasma 6) repo

There have been ongoing efforts to provide early builds of Plasma 6 via a dedicated chaotic-aur-kde repo. This basically allows testing out how Plasma 6 is going to be - the initial release of it is scheduled for February 2024. Needless to say, these are experimental master branch builds, so only adventurous people should embark the journey :wink:

Infrastructure :computer:

While we already announced our infrastructure changes a while back, here is a short recap for those who haven’t read about them yet. Our previous 2 dedicated servers were merged into a bigger one, making our setup more efficient than ever before. Instead of opting for separate VMs, all of the things now live in declarative nixos-containers (systemd-nspawn) with shared resources. As a direct effect, you may observe the forum and other web services being faster than before. To reduce the general load on our servers, we also began moving some of the static content to Cloudflare pages, eg. our website. On another note, we finally have a rudimentary documentation for everything infrastructure-related!

Web services :globe_with_meridians:

A recent addition that might not have gotten as much attention yet is our Lemmy instance in answer to the API changes of Reddit. We enjoy supporting open-source ecosystems, therefore making those available for everyone proves to be a good way to help them grow :slight_smile: Mastodon is also available since quite a while.
Our Invidious instance was retired due to not supporting the easy use of an HTTP(S) proxy, which currently ensures that Piped and other applications do not get rate-limited. Talking about Piped, we finally found a way to handle the mass of people using our instance. By using a proxy, we use our IPv6 subnet to shuffle outgoing requests. This works fairly well until the currently used 10 random addresses are rate-limited again, in which case they need to be rotated again in order for video streaming to work. Since our system configuration is entirely declarative, this needs to be done manually - we are still searching for a better solution that automates this process :eyes:

Final words :clinking_glasses:

As usual, we hope that you are enjoying Garuda. It took us a while to bring this new release live, but finally, here it is. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it as well as those, who helped to test the early builds! Garuda would not be the same without you :hugs:

Where to get it? :eyes:

Here we go!

The usual raw changelog for the ones interested :slight_smile:

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Changes shipped to be shipped in release 231029:

Edition changes:

  • All editions (common-settings):
    • Add ~/.config/pacseek/config.json to use Paru by default instead of Yay in Pacseek
    • Add ugrep and use it as drop-in replacement for grep via shell aliases
    • Dropped Plymouth - we prefer watching terminal messages on bootup
    • Set ibt=off in GRUB via drop in file
    • Update dependencies to fit Arch package renaming
    • Updated GRUB theming
  • Cinnamon:
    • Fix the font issue
    • Remove Extensions
  • Dr460nized:
    • Add Active Blur wallpaper plugin to layout.js
    • Add Better Inline Clock
    • Add Bluetooth+Printer+VPN Beautyline systray icons
    • Add Dr460nized-Rounded Window Deco Theme
    • Add and defaulting to SDDM Dr460nized-Sugar-Candy theme
    • Add appmenu-gtk-module
    • Adjusted Window Buttons to better fit dr460nf1r3
    • Better solution for fixing Konsole launcher wrong icon
    • Center Krunner on the screen
    • Change default keyboard repeat delay to 250ms
    • Clean up files
    • Create Dr460nzied Beautyline + removing SDDM screen pAdd
    • Fine tuning Wallpaper plugin in layout.js
    • Get rid of ksshaskpass - this was causing only confusion and issues
    • Hide password as it is typed
    • Hide welcome message
    • Push new tag with fixes
    • Re-including Wallpaper image in layout.js with adjustments on a2n plugin
    • Remove MaximumUid
    • Revert back to standard Window Decos + Attempt at fixing Konsole launcher wrong icon
    • Update Packages-Desktop to add plasma-wayland-session
    • Update PKGBUILD for added dependencies
    • Update credits in metadata.desktop
  • GNOME:
    • Add /etc/profile.d/ to set some environment variables (fix theming)
    • Switch to Kvantum for theming Qt apps (qgnomeplatform is no longer maintained)
    • Chrome-gnome-shell seems to be succeeded by gnome-browser-connector
    • Remove depreciated qgnomeplatform packages from iso-profiles
  • Hyprland:
    • A new community edition which features the quite new Hyprland Wayland WM! maintained by @SGS and @Ankur
  • i3wm:
    • Add 3 finger swipe gesture, up=prev, down=next WS
    • Add colorschemes for geany
    • Add fastfetch preset to bash and fish shell
    • Add font comfortaa
    • Add script for fastfetch
    • Fix fastfetch for Xfce4-terminal
    • Fix brightness controls with light
    • Fix missing lockscreen wallpaper
    • Fix picom.conf
    • New icon calendar, clock
  • LXQt-Kwin:
    • Dropped due to missing a maintainer - if someone wants to make this a regularly maintained community edition, please let us know!
  • MATE:
    • Dropped due to missing a maintainer - if someone wants to make this a regularly community edition, please let us know!
  • Qtile:
    • Fix .bash_profile issue
    • Remove unnecessary files
    • Simplified qtile configurations
    • Some theme changes
    • Switch qtile to dracula-gtk-theme-git
    • Switch to regular picom
  • Sway:
    • Change login wallpaper
    • Create
    • Fix icons for CPU and memory
    • Fix light script
    • Fix “open terminal here” in Thunar
    • Override Firedragon’s hardcoded file-picker setting
    • Set Garuda Welcome and apps to floating by default
  • XFCE:
    • Remove depreciated qgnomeplatform packages from iso-profiles
    • Update dependency ttf-fantasque-nerd

Application & settings changes:

  • BeautyLine:
    • Add Notion Enhanced icon
    • Add Thorium icon
    • Add droidcam icon
    • Add workrave.svg and optimise document size
    • Add rewind
    • Add Battle for Wesnoth, GOverlay, Monophony and Katawa Shoujo Icons
    • Add Chainner & jgmenu icons
    • Changed to optimised SVG instead of Inkscape SVG
    • Import upstream updates from beautyline 1.8 / Candy icons
  • Buildiso-docker:
    • Add auto-noweekly builds
    • Fix typo
    • Update Dockerfile
  • Calamares:
    • Bump to newer commit
  • Calamares-branding-garuda:
    • Update slides
  • Garuda-assistant:
    • Fix powerprofiledaemon toolTip
  • Garuda-bash-config:
    • Add “(expac must be installed)” back in
    • Add alias ip='ip -color' back in
    • Brought aliases in the bashrc file inline with aliases from other configs
    • Fix bashrc alias
    • Replacing grep with ugrep
  • Garuda-boot-options:
    • Change garuda-boot-options.desktop to launch with pkexec-gui (fixes launching issue on wlroots WMs)
  • Garuda-downloader:
    • Got deprecated!
  • Garuda-fish-config:
    • Add “(expac must be installed)” back in
    • Add alias ip='ip -color' back in
    • Add a safer alternative to the current cleanup command
    • Brought aliases in the file inline with aliases from other configs
    • Correctly report fish as shell even though bash is the login shell
    • Drop dependency on fonts, change helpme alias since we no longer supply, sort alphabetically
    • Fix copy function
    • Replacing grep with ugrep
    • Update to reflect eza replacing exa
  • Garuda-gamer:
    • Replace anbox icons with Waydroid ones
    • Replace anbox with Waydroid
    • Replace depreciated renpy with katawa-shoujo-bin
  • Garuda-hooks:
    • Add support for /etc/default/grub.d
    • Fix the order of execution by bringing back a renamed os-prober.hook
    • Update release codename in preparation for new release
  • Garuda-libraries:
    • Allow pkexec-gui to export QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE
    • Fix bug not allowing multiple update notices
  • Garuda-migrations:
    • Automatically handle Plymouth config migration
    • Fix some terrible grammar
    • Improve robustness of Plymouth display-manager conversion
    • Remove splash parameter from grub
  • Garuda-network-assistant:
    • Change garuda-network-assistant.desktop to launch with pkexec-gui (fixes launching issue on wlroots WMs)
  • Garuda-settings-manager:
    • Fix kcm package depends and knotifier in PKGBUILD
  • Garuda-setup-assistant:
    • Add thorium-browser-bin to browser selection
    • Remove obsolete anbox-support metapkg
    • Update kernels.txt for linux-amd-znver3
  • Garuda-system-maintenance:
    • Update dependencies
  • Garuda-update:
    • Add concurrency by rinchen
    • Add config file to garuda-update package (see wiki for config options)
    • Apply archlinux repo migration
    • Apply archlinux repo migration, force refresh of repos if necessary
    • Auto-replace ananicy-rules (new dep of performance-tweaks)
    • Automatically answer networkmanager-fortisslvpn prompt
    • Noconfirm now handles “Enter a number” prompts by picking the default automatically
    • Remove virt-manager-meta workaround
    • Use gawk instead of cut to display changelog
  • Garuda-wallpaper-honeycombs:
    • Add KDE honeycomb 01/02
  • Garuda-wallpapers:
    • Add Hyprland Honeycomb SGS
  • Garuda-welcome:
    • Launch disk utility with /usr/lib/garuda/pkexec-gui (fixes launching issue on wlroots WMs)
    • Remove Qwickaccess, Stacer and Pamac
  • Garuda-zsh-config:
    • Add “(expac must be installed)” back in
    • Add alias ip='ip -color' back in
    • Brought aliases in the zshrc file inline with aliases from other configs
    • Drop dependency on fonts, these should be supplied by individual editions
    • Replacing grep with ugrep
  • MHWD-garuda:
    • Fix compile error in newer libc++
  • Networkmanager-support:
    • Remove deprecated networkmanager-fortisslvpn from depends and make it conflict
  • Performance-tweaks:
    • Replace ananicy-rules-git with cachyos-ananicy-rules-git

Server & infrastructure changes:

  • Infrastructure changes:
    • Moved our existing servers to an entirely new and more efficient setup than before
    • Read more about it here and here
    • Added documentation
    • Added a NixOS devshell for easy access of often used workflows
  • Web services:
    • Startpage:
      • Update with a few changed web services
    • Invidious:
      • Dropped. It does not support HTTP(S)\_PROXY envvars and therefore is always rate-limited
    • Piped:
      • Workaround rate-limiting by utilitzing our IPv6 subnet with rotating addresses
    • LibreY:
      • Added in place of Invidious. A new meta-search engine, which can run entirely Js-free.
    • Lemmy:
      • Added as alternative to the recent Reddit outrages
  • Website:
    • Is now hosted on Cloudflare pages
    • Added CI to automatically deploy changes

Notable version updates:

  • Plasma / KF5 5.111.0
  • Linux 6.5.9
  • GNOME 45

Congrats Garuda!


Congratulations to garuda :star_struck: !!


Btw, where is hyprland in this list :grin: ?


Oops. You catched an error here, which I just corrected :grin: Thanks for taking care!


I should not make any promises but I can help test some editions next year. I think it would be perfect if I got both AMD and Nvidia GPU chipset to get more information on hardware differences.

I think this is a great opportunity for people to get more experience with the Distros.

Congratz on the new release!


Decided to update the Wikipedia as well.


I simply don’t know what to say other than WOOOOOOOOOOOW everyone involved. Looks like I get to do some playing. Good thing I just Installed my current GDG and have done very little to it so far. Thanks to everyone for the continued FANTASTIC work you do.


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Don’t forget to set a dependency to ugrep to garuda-fish-config, broke my grep alias today :smiley:




Does this mean that there will no longer be an ISO with MATE?

Sorry if this is a silly question: if I’ve been updating my system regularly, I should have this new version already, right?

There will not be official ones. The iso-profiles as well as the settings package are still around though, for anyone who wants to build an own version.

Yes, you will be on the new version automatically. In the best case, you would be using garuda-update to apply the needed migrations.


Finally! We waited…!!!


Respect to the development team!

FYI: The web services are running very smooth now, not gonna lie :metal:


I still need LXQt support and extended of LXQt ISO

You’d need to build it yourself in this case :eyes: iso-profiles and settings package are still around, so it’s certainly possible.


You do know answering yourself is one of the quickest ways to end up on prozac and in a padded cell, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


This was supposed to be an answer to the message before mine, quoting an excerpt of the release notes :stuck_out_tongue: