Second monitor not working via hdmi

Hello. Please help. In the presence of a laptop with a nvidia 650 video card. After installation, both monitors worked using hdmi. After sudo pacman -Syu the second monitor stopped working. The display on it goes only if you connect using vga. I tried to install drivers using the manager, only standard drivers are installed. I generated a new horg file using sudo nvidia-xconfig, it turned out like this. I really like the distribution. But the problem is annoying.

Question why did you do sudo pacman -Syu

The prefered update method is to run garuda-update instead

Which edition did you install and did you choose nvidia drivers at install?

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Hi there, welcome!
Please always provide the output of your garuda-inxi when opening a new topic, as instructed by the relevant template.

If I understand you correctly

Please, edit to


or just


Oops when one accidently misses that dash. All updated

Please post in the forum as text, formatted with a
before and after.
Please give a look at

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update did. One more clarification. When I reconnect the HDMI, a window appears with a choice of the position of the second monitor. After selecting the monitor also does not work.

I think the problem is that you don't have anymore a Nvidia driver installed, as far as I can (try to) see in your garuda-inxi.
From the ImgBB (:angry:), I see you did have the mhwd-nvidia-470xx, which should have provided the right driver for your GPU.
So, the strange point is why an update brought in all the other drivers I see in that picture (:rage:) and we're back to the point of understanding how your installed your drivers in the first place or what you did for troubleshooting.
In my opinion you could consider restoring the latest working snapshot, but I'm sure someone ( :grinning:) could help cleaning up your drivers (I'm not the best one for that).


Installed drivers with garuda manager. He offers me only 390 version. I used the pamaс install nvidia command. She then probably installed other versions. I also used different commands that were advised in other topics before writing here.

That's the culprit in my opinion.
I'd restore a snapshot before this was done.


I'll try it later and post the results. Thanks

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The driver installed a few days ago. And there is no recovery

looks like


Automatic in garuda if you update or install software.
In Grub use Garuda snapshots.


You should consider yourself lucky, having 390 drivers. The card is old for nvidia-linux.
I would suggest using nouveau (open source) driver.

Welcome to nvidia world!!

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I decided to install the system again, the second monitor works. After installing the driver using the garuda manager, the 390 driver is installed and the monitor does not work again. After removing it, it works

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