Searx sure has improved!

Hello everyone!! I usally am a DuckDuckGo search user because when I started using Garuda, Searx wouldn't seem to work at all. Well, I'm at the library and when I clicked the "Login to Wifi" button it opened FireDragon instaed of my usual Firefox and I didn't notice. I was searching this and that and suddenly noticed the address bar said So, way to go whoever it is working on Searx and to anyone who's been around a while and not using searx, it's gotten quite usable. Should at least give it a try.

EDIT: It also gives the dates of the links which is something I often wish DDG would do.


It might be worth noting that we use a fork of SearX called SearxNG:

Which reads like:

Reworked (and still simple) theme:
Usable on desktop, tablet and mobile.
Light and dark versions (available in the preferences).
Right-to-left language support.
The translations are up to date, you can contribute on Weblate
The preferences page has been updated:
Browse which engines are reliable or not.
Engines are grouped inside each tab.
Each engine has a description.
Thanks to the anonymous metrics, it is easier to report malfunctioning engines, so they get fixed quicker
Turn off metrics on the server if you don’t want them recorded.
Administrators can block and/or replace the URLs in the search results

And yes, it’s actually pretty cool :grin:


It has improved indeed

How do I integrate it into Vivaldi browser?


I bet that github link has instructions. I’m about to click it myself and learn to import it to android browsers.

EDIT: Actually, I don’t see instructions there. But I see in @dr460nf1r3 's post that it can be used in mobile. Do you know where we can find instructions, @dr460nf1r3 ?

On the search engine itself :smile:

Edit: interesting, search engine benchmarking :smile_cat:


Oh, LOL. I was just using it from the address bar. That’s how I got tricked into using it!!

In the Vivaldi settings menu you can add search engines. Click the + button, then add the name/nickname/URL:

After you add it, scroll up a bit on that same page and you can set it to be your default if you’d like.



If I simply do that, the search terms in the address bar do not get passed over. It sends it as POST by default so I don't see the right syntax either. Tried putting "%s" in the POST and that didn't work either.

Need to know the exact syntax that searX expects.

I hate to say so, but I feel like the SearX search results are not that good in a lot of cases. It never seems to pull up ArchWiki articles I am after, for example.

If I search for "archwiki fstab" I feel like this should be the first result. Instead, it doesn't seem to show up at all--I scrolled down through hundreds of results and it wasn't there.

Is there some additional configuration I am missing?

Looking at this, it seems to be better when setting language to "all" :face_with_monocle: maybe this should be our default.


Oh wow, that is a big improvement! I agree this seems like it should be the default.

The [en-US] setting seems to be 90% Reddit for some reason. :expressionless:


Ill have to try changing that setting. I like the search engine but it dosnt always give me the results im looking for.

Try the URL as:

With the POST parameters as:

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ah I was just missing “q=” from the POST parameters.

Kind of works… if I type “best games 2023”, it shows this in the search box


Just a character escaping problem

Ya, I noticed that as well. At least it works and just seems like a cosmetic issue doing it that particular way :man_shrugging:

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placing q=%s in the URL instead of POST works though

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good catch. Doing as the search URL (and not using the POST parameter field) solves that cosmetic issue.

It's probably a bug in searX engine itself that could be fixed: properly parsing POST data for display

Reported the bug here

Searx is definitely nice but nothing gives me anywhere near the accuracy of Google unfortunately. I’d use Whoogle if it wasn’t so slow compared to Google. Shame there isn’t an alternative that is as accurate with the results but also privacy friendly.


All is now the default search language for better results.