Searx sure has improved!

ohhh no wonder Arch Wiki results didn't show up for a while before! I guess people who speak American English are too good to use the wiki :joy:
Unfortunately though, I'm getting an internal server error trying to use the Garuda SearXNG instance right now. Will try again tomorrow - SearX is my favourite way to search :smiley:

Does it work now? :eyes:

Yep it works, but the default language is en-US o_o?

Mhm it's definitely set to default_lang=all though :thinking:


oh I'm an idiot lolol, just thought of cookies and preferences. Changed the default language to all and it's all good now :joy:

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It still keeps reverting back to en-US all the time.

If I go Preference and select All and Save at the bottom, when I re-open preferences, it's still en-US.

And Vivaldi keeps resetting all cookies and settings regularly; would include reverting that setting too. (found Vivaldi to reset after killing the app, after storage full warning, etc.)

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