SDDM.conf has incorrect default variable for numlock

i did not manually create the sddm.conf file, i found it in the etc folder when i looked for it after investigating the numlock issue and found the man page i linked earlier.
i tried to set the numlock to be 'on' in the system settings like normal, but it didn't stick, hence my investigation.

i used the Garuda Dragonized Gaming Edition 210809 iso and when i got to the desktop, the theme was initially set on breeze rather than the sweetified plasma as it should have been.
i had to change the global theme and when i logged in for the first time.

a number of issues manifested with getting it to look like it should, kvantum dark was the same as kvantum visually, there was no difference when switching them. i also had an issue with certain system app windows not using the visuals from any application style theme - the terminal window and the window for the system settings itself.
this seems to have fixed itself with a recent update.

initially the default terminal app was set to bash and when loaded it was an empty window with a command prompt. when i switched the default terminal app to fish with garuda assiatant, the normal garuda 'G' look returned minus the color scheme which is now green, white and yellow instead of red and the command prompt itself contains no text, it's just a cursor.

immediately after installation i added another ssd to automount at boot in fstab - this particular action i did during the live session before restarting and logging in for the first time.

once logged in i changed the background image in grub, the login screen and the desktop and downloaded a splash screen from the list of available stuff in the system settings.
i'm experienced as a windoze system admin, but i'm a linux nub so i avoid messing with stuff without thorough research so i don't brick my rig.

i think a glitch happened during the installation procedure, i have not encountered anything like this before and i was at reinstalling a number of times over a couple days due to the open source driver hanging at random, so i tried a few different iso's.
i think this hang happens to me because i have an nvidia SLI setup, but i can't be sure. (godforsaken nvidia)
i also recreated my partition scheme every time i tried an install to avoid problems.

another potentially related issue is when i try to install a package with garuda assistant's 'add/remove software', i get an error message:
[ unable to satisfy dependency 'python-qtpy>=2.0.1' required by guiscrcpy-git ]
but if i install the chosen app from terminal, it proceeds no problem and i have confirmed that i have this python-qtpy package already installed.

i am of the mind that these issues are related, perhaps a read/write permissions thing?

thank you for your time, i know you folks are busy.

sorry for the long-winded 'novel'.
to create my livestick i used balenaEtcher version 1.1.7 from Windoze 7, which i have installed on another separate ssd.

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I have been messing with this on and off all day, so far this is what I have found:

-I was able to duplicate this issue, and correct by changing /etc/sddm.conf to on from true.
-I have not changed the SDDM theme (installed with ISO prior to garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-220131), and did not create that file myself.

[sudo] password for richard:            
extra/sddm 0.19.0-8 [installed]
    QML based X11 and Wayland display manager
extra/sddm-kcm 5.24.3-1 (plasma) [installed]

-Could not find a package that provides sddm.conf , using sudo pacman -Fy /etc/sddm.conf
-The above version of SDDM /etc/sddm.conf is valid and the one with precedence over default.conf and any file in /etc/sddm.conf.d according to man page

One thing you mention, I have /etc/sddm.conf.d/dr460nized.conf, but /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde-settings.conf does not exist on my machine.

The last thing I found, which may or not be valid any more is

Which has the incorrect setting of Numlock=true

I was working an MR for this, but will place that on hold, as I am not sure I found the right file, and await your guidance.


I had a few moments so I spun up a VM with the garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-220308.iso.

-The /etc/sddm.conf file exists in both the live instance, and clean install
-Numlock=true is set in both, instead of Numlock=on

The garuda-lxqt-kwin-linux-zen-220131.iso also has the Numlock=true setting in the live instance, but I have not been able to test an install or check for a new ISO yet.

Just to rule out a "common settings" area possibly, I entered a live instance of garuda-gnome-linux-zen-220131.iso, garuda-sway-linux-zen-220308.iso, and the file does not exist.

Hopefully, I am providing useful information, let me know and I will try to get what is needed...and not being a PITA.


@Michael_joseph @haakoth excellent job. Thanks for your good contribution!

It seems this file is ages old and was missed to get the proper settings.

I have just fixed it at GitLab and it will be OK for the next ISOs and updated packages.
It will be discussed in the Team for further actions, if it needs a deletion or other.

Thanks a lot both of you! :+1:


i'm helping! =-D

(Nelson from Simpson's voice)


i just updated @17:45 EST time and got the new 'dr460nized' package and i have previously used chattr to make the 'theme.conf.user' immutable as suggested here and for the same reason:

i'm curious to know if i need to allow the overwrite for this particular update.
if so, i'm gonna have to do this manually now so i'll just scrape the file out of my package cache and copypasta.

thank you! =-)

Which package exactly? Full package name, please.

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I guess this is the change.

No relation with that file, so nothing to be done in my opinion.


ugh i closed the terminal window, i have no idea off-hand.
i figured it may be a part of the theme fix you'd just done.

thanks filo!

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No history in fish or bash, sad :smiley:

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I updated a few minutes ago, and I had only few updates, so that one was fresh in my mind :wink:

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i know!
my brain is foggy lol
i'm quitting smoking and coffee at the same time so i'm really sub-par in the brain case lately >.>

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LOL omg just type 'history' at the effin prompt

random experiment success!

i love Arch.
so simple it seems complicated >.>

now i'll snoop around for command variables.

This is irrelevant to Original Topic, but... why not? :smile:

Your previous fix was a dirty workaround, not a solution.

  • We never (normally) modify packages, unless it is designed as such.
  • IIUC you are modifying a theme package file. It seems the theme is provided as is.
  • If you want the same theme with some minor modification(s), you can just clone the theme (folder) with a different folder/theme name (read the files and man pages, for a better understanding of how themes work) and modify it as you like. Then select this new theme from System Settings (it should show up) and congrats for your own theme!

If there is a conflict (overriden values) in some of the sddm configuration files, man sddm.conf shows the file priority. /etc/sddm.conf should be absent, or it will overwrite any settings that conflict.

Check the package owner and report back, so we can fix it. If there is no owner, delete the file and use the drop-in folder and System Settings.

pacman -Qo /etc/sddm.conf

instructions followed, 'error: no package owns sddm.conf'.

i will delete file as instructed.

what is the drop-in folder?
sorry lol


A drop-in folder is a method commonly used in various places in linux, to accomodate more than one configuration files, for a specific function/program, instead of using a unique configuration file. This way, subsequent additions from various auto-scripts can be done, without random programming tasks touching the same file.
Common thing in systemd (for example).


ahh yes, very good!

thank you very much =-)

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You seem to be a serious candidate for a future Linux expert, if you find/spend some time reading manuals and Archwiki.
We need every one :wink:


i'll be on this, i gotta clear up my vice-induced brain fog first tho lol

i generally do not find it too difficult really, for me it's mostly a matter of cross-referencing terminology and learning a new command set and overall operational structure, making sure i don't do something i can't undo.

snapshots are a godsend rofl thank you all for this setup =-)


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