SDDM login screen background changed but reverts back

I have tried updating the SDDM display manager background from the default "Dragon_wp.png" to something different, but I'm having some trouble.
I successfully changed it on more than one occasion by going to Settings->Startup and Shutdown->Sweet. This is what I saw recommended in a similar forum post, and I tried following that technique:

However, when I do an update (Sudo pacman -Syu), then the update reverts the login background to the default Dragon_wp.png image. I'm sure there's a way to avoid that behavior so that Garuda will remember the background that I want.
I think "/usr/share/sddm/themes/Sweet/theme.conf.user" is being overwritten during the update, but I'm guessing. There's a line in there that says "background=Dragon_wp.png".

Does anyone know how to keep my login manager background image choice from being overwritten?

Theoretically you could write-protect it with the immutable flag

sudo chattr +i /usr/share/sddm/themes/Sweet/theme.conf.user

Just an idea... There might be better solutions.

For example you could name your background
Dragon_wp.png, but if we change the standard background (and name) you're lost. So probably the flag is a better option.

This is the file which is overwriting your change at every update of the dr460nized settings


Making "theme.conf.user" immutable seems to have worked. I ran an update after that and the login background didn't change. Thank you for the help. I'll let you know if it changes it again on me.

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