Root folder has weird named folders

whenever i create a backup with timeshift my root folder get some folders with "@" with them.
and the folder "@" got the previous root folder.
previous root folder:

(i checked, the path to the root folder changes "/" to "/run/timeshift/backup", i can go to the main root folder by manually typing the path "/")
inxi-faz: Carrot inxi -Faz

This indicates a BTRFS subvolume. Timeshift uses them for snapshots.


I think there is some naming confusion here. The thing that are you are seeing called "root" isn't the root of your install, it the root of your btrfs partition.

The root of your install is /


but i can't delete any file from my normal directories. like my download folder. it says Access denied to /home/muza/.local/share/Trash/files/wordpress.
wordpress is a folder, empty folder. located at /home/muza/Downloads/

Check the owner of the files.
Maybe it is root.

find $HOME ! -user $USER -type f

Remove with

sudo chown -R $USER: $HOME
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thanks, that was root owned.
i checked and changed it from dolphin gui.
the command find $HOME ! -user $USER -type f outputs something weird:

╰─λ find $HOME ! -user $USER -type f

IDK this eDex-UI , you are the admin :wink:

yeah, this was an terminal emulator kinda thing. but i uninstalled it. maybe some leftovers.
i was expecting output like "root" "muza" not a path

If your search is unsuccessful, you should mention more details in the new topic.
For example:
As always, how does it happen?
What did you do that led to this "message"?

topic solved, locked my lips. no more questions, sir

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