Reset user and root password

So today my hdd died (Win10) so i decided to put in my ssd which had garuda linux freshly installed on it.
There is a reason why i put my old hdd in the pc in the first place.
My main account (user+root) and guest have a six (6) character password set on them, which i didnt set. I looked on forums tried (000000), (111111), (123456), (123123) and (garuda)/(Garuda), but nothing works, and i cant change it thru grub using rw init=/bin/bash/, thru debug shell or anything...
And without the password i cant acess winusb or unetbootin, wine etc. but i need to install Win10 on this ssd asap! It is urgent, i cant figure it out, and i honestly feel like im going to have a nervous breakdown from the stress. Any help is largely appreciated!

To reset both user and root password you could follow this wiki, then you passwd username, not only passwd for root
Or you can also chroot from a live USB, of course.

PS: please do not use urgent in titles and posts. No one is paid here...


But how do i append the init=/bin/bash/ to boot loader?

When you are in the grub line press button E go to the end of the line starting with linux and add there. Then ctrl+x


Thanks! I will try to follow the wiki article, i hope it helps.

And a small responsory to your P.S. ; the term 'urgent' is a base descriptor of the situation of the writer (person A), not a command to the responder (person B).
In laic terms what i mean is: i am describing my situation not rushing anybody for help, since help is of free will...

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If you are in troubles with that procedure and have a live USB (always keep one at hand :wink:) there's a chroot button there, and then you are root in your system and can passwd

There is no Garruda KDE Plasma issue.

I dont understand?

Oh and i forgot how do i remount it, where do i append the command?

That's a command on the terminal

During installation, a password is assigned that you have forgotten or someone else has installed Garuda.
Where is the issue with Garuda KDE?


Just install again.


The issue is that in the process of instalation a password hasnt been assigned, i cant forget what doesnt exist, and the ssd has been in storage since instalation. And no one else installed it but me. A six character password on both profiles out of the blue...

How do you know that?
Where is this queried?

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Again, easy way.

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He's pointing out that the title of your post is misleading, since it makes it sound like something is not working correctly.

Honestly it sounds like you don't even want to use Garuda, you just want to figure out a way to get Windows back. :man_shrugging:


here is how it went: i installed garuda like a year and a half ago, it didnt ask me to set a password. and when i tried to use things that required root it asked me for a password, then i went and checked user profiles in the settings, and my personal (admin) account and guest account had the data set below = ( password: ******)...

Very fresh.

The * dosn't show the value of chars, if you use 3 it will show 6 all the time.


You are right, garuda is eating my nerves away, kali and arch were a breeze against this...

You can't install Garuda without password, for using the same root password there is a checkbox marked :white_check_mark: . I don't see while Garuda eating your nerves, you have forgotten the password and annoy yourself.