Reset user and root password

Which is it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think this is really good advice. It sounds like you haven't been using it anyway and it's way out of date at this point. Who cares? Just blow it away and start over.

Installing fresh is probably going to be way easier than whatever you are trying to do hacking around in the grub menu guessing randomly at your old password (123456? Really? :joy:).


I see you dont understand grammatical cases, so let me help you: Supposition; had, freshly installed. Time: a year and a half ago. Context: system was installed on ssd before the same was put into storage.
Conclusion: Following the term/expression 'freshly' is valid for both past and present tense, unconditional I + II.

i cant do a fresh install because my goddamn usb snapped a few months ago and i cant spare to get another. And 123456 is a good guess because im the only one who uses my pc, or do you want me to say that in the plusquamperfect tense :no_mouth:.

According to this logic, if I buy a head of cabbage and stick it in the fridge for a year it's still fresh because I didn't eat it. :thinking:

Sorry to hear about your broken gear. It does sound like you are stuck if you can't remember your old password. Hopefully you can get to a store to get a new flash drive soon.


I dont know if you are sympathetic or demeaning, but truly i am at my wits ends, to the point of lashing out...

The solution is in post #2
You have no password and no working USB stick.

Both, we can not solve for you.

Yea, i know i will try it, wish me luck. Im sorry if i have been mean and demeaning, outright annoying, but please understand, im currently under inhumane amounts of stress.

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Hi tbsbhr_2000. Garuda is a rolling release, and I can tell you, after 18 months, it's not that fresh, even if unused. However, I hope that you will manage to get your answers on this forum.

I must admit your entire thread seems a comedy of errors that you created yourself by forgetting your own password. To make matters even worse you then try to blame Garuda for your own ineptitude and expect this is our job to correct.

I'm also left asking myself, if you have no thumb drive to reinstall Garuda, how are you going to reinstall Windows?

Garuda was responsible for none of your situation, you were the author of your own misfortune.

Adding "URGENT" to your thread title is totally disrespectful to forum assistants and other forum users. Everyone suffering a severe issue considers their issue urgent, but what makes you possibly think your issue is more urgent than everyone else's issues. Adding terms such as "PLEEEEZE HELP!!!" & "URGENT" to thread titles only comes off as begging or demanding and is not appreciated on our forum.

I could go on and on about how your attitude sucks and how you've behaved on this thread is unappreciated. However, it's all rather irrelevant as it's obvious you are not actually a Garuda user, and have no intention of running Garuda on your machine. We simply had the misfortune of being installed on a disused drive you had kicking around that you wanted to use to save your backside so you could reinstall Windows. I guess this is all rather moot, as we'll likely never be hearing from you again. Well, maybe never is too strong, perhaps we'll hear from you in another year and a half when you melt down your Windows install again.

Bye for now, have fun on Windows.

This thread is resolved, so there's no further point in leaving it open.